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Getting more and more down

Hi all, ive not long been diagnosed with endo and adeno, and am on list for hysertectomy, and I'm getting down about how much my life has changed, I spend half my time on the sofa under a blanket, I do things like house work and shopping and then I'm in agony again, I have very few low pain days, ive lost my 2part time jobs this year, and been like this since September, ive had symptoms for ever but never really put them all together, just thought I was unlucky really, with bad periods and a weak back and pelvis, and hips, it wasn't until September, when all the symptoms came together and never let up,

just need to let it all out really, I'm fen up with feeling unorganised, I forget things all the time,

Or remember to do them but can't get round to doing it,

I'm now having a heart attack, just keep thinking that this will Carry on after my hysterectomy,

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Hi hun.

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. I have handed my notice in today as I just can't see me being well enough to be back at work any time soon. I feel really sad about leaving my job as I loved it, it's just another thing endo and Adenomyosis has taken from me.

I am struggling today everyday things that used to be easy for are so much hard work for me.

Hun you aren't alone I feel the same as you I'm terrified of having a hysterectomy, but I want to have my life back endo and Adenomyosis have taken so much from me.

It's a lovely hot day today yet I'm inside under a heated blanket freezing cold and feeling like crap.

Sending you hugs hun I'm always here if you need to talk x


Me too ladies, feel exactly the same way ;) just remembered my mot runs out on bank hol Monday so had a panic booking it in, that is not like me at all, I'm super organised! Well was before this!

Still this just temporary! That's what I'm going with today!

Stay strong!



Hey Tboag,

Sorry to hear all of this. What a terrible time of it you are having with losing your job, dealing with pain every day and just generally feeling pretty rubbish.

At least we all know we have this group of ladies, who are all going through exactly the same, that can all offer support and most of all you don't feel silly saying things, because everyone on this site is here to support and not gloat. To know when you make a post, that others have/are experiencing it too, so know exactly how you feel.

I too feel unorganised, fed up with pain, fed up with not being able to remember things seems to be a common trait with all of us, which is re-assuring. But I seem to be losing my cool with family at the moment too.

You have helped me with your words of wisdom, I would also like to say I am here to help support you too.

Sal xx


Thanks ladies, I'm feeling a little more positive today, my husband called a family meeting last night and we had a good old cry shout chat between him and I too, and I think it has cleared the air Iv told him I am worried that the doc hasn't diagnosed the endo properly and the hysterectomy (whilst needing doing) isn't going to help much with the pain, I don't yhink he knew that, so I'm glad it's out there, my husband loves a list and it annoys me that he is stating the obvious that I can't remember diddly swat atm, but I'm going to stop gettinganoyed and go with the list thing (for now) and start asking for more help and stop expecting everyone to no what I want, I do everything in the house normally cleaning cooking finances, and me expe ting him to no what to do and when is a little unrealistic.

So my plan is list everything together and be kinder to him and TRY to stop shouting and moaning, and try to be happier in pain, lol

Xxx hope your all having a good day


aw tboag, im sorry you have been feeling down, my dr has signed me off work and has said i wont be fit to go back untill ive had my hysterectomy, i feel a let down but im sorry for us in the know the pain is excrutiating, and like you say we can polish and hoover, hang the washing out then were in agony, i walk my son to school in the monring for a bit of exercise but my pelvis is just in agony (it is only a 10 min walk there) but when i come back home i need my walking stick,

we need to try and keep positive and think after our ops we are going to be like new women lol, im trying to think that lol.

any time you want to chat just message me ok.

sending hugs



Thank you so much Dk, I hate feeling like this, I'm suck a busy person normally, I think I can only manage about 20 % of what I'm used to doing, got to say though, it certainly makes it clear to me I was just doing far to much house work before, and that good out saying, it will be there tomorrow is very true, ive marked off 3 thing on my list today and cleaned the fridge and freezer out, so feeling positive, but now in pain, so it knocks us back down again, got to try try try to stay abit most up beat,

When is your op, and what are you having out I'm having total hyst, with overs left in, as they are good, ??



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