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Haven't got a clue :(

With me it all started with sex if hurt so went to the docs. I had a scan && it showed scar tissue on my womb so I had that removed with I think it's called key hole surgery, that was in September 2012. It started up again a few months ago but this time it really hurt when sleeping with my partner so went back to the doctors. I had my first appointment with the gynaecologist. I had a scan of my insides nothing showed up so then I internal, but just before I had it the gynaecologist asked me about my syptoms && about my periods. I told him about my key hole surgery what I had in 2012 so he looked at my notes && said I had endometriosis, he then asked me if I had a smear with I said no because I'm not old enough (I'm 24 in 2 weeks) he then went out && spoke to another doctor then came back in to me && said they are going to do a smear. So he did a smear && 2 swabs. Then he told me that I need to have injections in my belly for 6 months, the 1st 3 months will be monthly && then a bigger dose for the last 3 months && then I'll see him again. I haven't be told anything. I don't understand why I'm only being told I have this now when I had it in 2012. I don't understand why I had a smear when your meant to have one at 25. I don't understand theses injections. Am I worrying for nothing? Family don't seem to understand. I feel so lost at the moment I really don't know what to do. I'm so sorry for the long post && going on with myself. Just hoping someone can shed some light on this

Thank you


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Hi, sorry for you, that your consultant, gyne havnt been more informative, your key hole surgery, (that sounds like it could have been a laporoscopy) because that's how they diagnose endometreosis, what are the injections called, did your gyne say what they where designed todo? If you don't have that info, go to your GP and demand all the info you need, write a list or what you want to no. Good luck hunny, and generally you should start having smear tests at 25, due to your other issues they are just being cautious,


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