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Is it endo? Help!

Hi, I'm after some help, I have been suffering symptoms which tie in with endo symptoms for a while now and am waiting for a referral to the gynae clinic, but am getting increasingly worried about the amount of pain. I am in pain 24/7. Lower abdo pain and lower back too, but over the last week or so it has got much worse, and now getting some shooting pains down the side of my back and abdomen. Is anyone else in pain all the time? Am worrying that there's something nasty going on

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Hiya, try not to stress too much as it will make you a lot more anxious and increase your pain. Try having a hot bath or apply heat to your abdomen which should relax the muscle etc and decrease your pain a bit.

Unfortunately endo can put you in pain 24/7 which is why we need surgeries, prior to my last surgery every day was a chore, even getting out of bed in the morning was horrendous.

However there are many medical conditions that cause abdominal pain and if your pain is already at the point where nothing touches it and you can't take it you cant ignore it, go to the hospital they will be able to give you better pain meds, they will do tests and it may accelerate your referral, there is absolutely no point in suffering in agony, better safe than sorry.

Good luck and take care of yourself, I hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi, heat is always good for my pain and rest, I've been getting daily pain for 6 months now before that it was erratic, no pattern, my periods are painfull for the first few days, and thankfully the last 2 months I been getting 3/4 good days after period, I'm waiting for my laporoscopy date, if it's that bad and you havnt had other tests for other things I would go A&E hopefully they will rule out anything else with ct scans ect. Wish you well, xx


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