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please help me

hiya all my name is chelsea i am 22 years old i started with endometriosis when i was such a young girl age 13 doctors were so bad at first saying i was getting used to my periods but i had already been having periods for two years. i was getting rushed in hospital all the time they didnt do anything until i was 17 and by this time i was missing out on everything school college and work. when i was 18 they told me it was endoetriosis but by this time it was to late really they lazered some of it off but there was to much it is every were even on my bowel. so i had tryed everything more lazer treatment tablets the coil (which made me very ill and when then fitted it i had to stay in hospital) i had prostrap for the first time had it for 9months while i was on that i was fine as soon as i stop and had my second period it was very pain full again after that hospital didnt really do anything then they was gonna do a different type of op and while i was waiting months to see the hospital doctor i started having fits which they found out was epilepsy :( so when i finally saw the doctor they sed they couldnt do the op on ,me so i had to get on with life in pain every month. 9months after i found out this i got rushed in hospital as dotors where thinking i was having an eptopic pregnant as i had not had a period 4 6weeks which was not right. as i was in hospital they found out it wasnt and that i was just bleeding inside insteed of outside and i had a cyst on my ovary so again they put my ovarys to sleep again since i had my ovarys put to sleep my fits clammed down which i was happy about but it was time for them to wake up 5months ago the pain is back and so are the fits i need to no if this is contacted? i cant believe i havent had a period yet i have done 3 preg test buzzing thinking i am gonna be preg but no i aint i was ment to have a few periods before i so my specialist but i havent and i go in a few weeks i am really worried i aint had a period in 5months. and i want to no about getting pregnant as i have been with my partner years and never used anything and never been pregnant and i have heard alot of people cant have kids with endometriosis. please i need HELP

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oh sweetheart. How old are you now? Where are you based? Are yuo new to this site? I was diagnosed with endo 2 years ago it is the most frustrating and contradictory disease there is. You cant help but feel angry and confused. When it comes to babies it is a difficult one because they say its the best thing to help calm endo down and then say it could be difficult to concieve. Do you still have your coil in? Have you spoken with your gynae about having babies? Have the coil out and see what happens the worst thing is that you know when you do have it out you will get those agonising periods until you get pregnant. Thats one of my worst fears firstly having it out as like you i had a bad time with having it put in and ended up having stitches! I ask myself sometimes is it worth going through all that agony and the possibilty of not getting pregnant?! I dont know its conflicting. We all understand how you are feeling and i have found this site the best thing that has helped me there is so much support and we are all working together in some way to raise awareness for it.x


Thank u for your message it was really sweet I am now 22 . I had the coil took out 4months after it was put in cz my body rejected it that bad so I have been trying to get preg 4 twko years plus. A lot of the time when I am having periods I just think that I wish they would take everything away I am gonna ask to test if I can get preg xx


Hi Hun,

i have also suffered with Gyne problems since the age of 13. i had cysts on my ovaries several times and then one of them got wrapped around my Fallopian tube and burst it :( as i was so young i was put on a children s ward and they told me i had a grumbling appendix!! after 5 days of being in agony they agreed for me to see a gynecologist even though "it will be a waste of time coz shes so young!" i had to have my tube removed and i had blood poisoning! after this i was always back and forwards to the hospital with pain, but i felt they never really took me seriously. eventually i was diagnosed with endo at the age of 19. i am now 23 and i really understand how it effects your life :( this site and the endomitriosis uk one have been the biggest help and support to me. its so nice to know that your not paranoid or a hypercondriact!!!

i wish you all the luck in the world for getting pregnant, and if you need to talk you know where i am :)



aww bless you i feel so sorry for you if u need to talk i am here to :) xx



I am so sorry you are having a really bad time at the moment, I have been going to and from hospitals and doctors appointments it really does get you down I know especially when you go to the doctors/hospital to get them to help you and they just look at you like you are lying about being in as much pain as you are in.

I am here if you or any one else on this site if they want to rant and rave or just talk.

I am now 21 been coping with this since I was about 14 been diagnosed since November 2011.

Kind Regards



thank you emma i am here for you to what treatment are you having atm ? xx


Currently have just finished my Zoladex and now have to wait to see what happens I have to wait 8 weeks to see if I can see a specialist but no idea after that?

What treatments are you on at the moment?


whats zoladex? i was on prostrap but it ran out 5months ago and still no periods x


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