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What's best for pain

Ok this last week has been my worse with pain so far. I've barely been out of bed in a week and when I am I can hardly stand up. I'm trying out Mirena which is making me bleed and causing more pain. From what I've read here is 50/50 if it will help. Do I tell gynae no now I can't stay like this and want the lap we discussed. I'm off work but supposed to go back tomorrow. GP thinks I'm crazy to try to work in my state but has offered me pain relief. So two questions

1. Yes or No to lap now

2. What's best for pain been offered - co-Codamol, naproxen, Tramadol or Diydrocodeine.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Miracle, I would go and ask for appointment for a Lap asap. It can sometimes takes ages to get a date for Lap so better to be in the queue. I've waited nearly 3 months,, I was so scared at first to have it done. But I was so glad I had it done over a year ago as it turned out I had severe stage 4 endometriosis. I was lucky I had a very good and sympathetic consultant.

I still feel bitter to those nurses and female doctors I used to go to and see for nearly 14 years,, they all said the pain was normal and every woman goes through it every month, but I knew it wasn't normal pain.

To answer your second question, if you don't drive try and ask to be prescibed of Codeine Phosphate 30mg. Take 2 tablets and also 2 of Paracetamol 500mg. The doctor should advice you on this.

Hope this helps,,

By the way, how long have you had the Mirena Coil?

Best Wishes




I had the mirena inserted during my first laparoscopy to diagnosis endo, as I was advised that it would slow the endo regrowth down after it had been removed.

Obviously being something new, you almost feel like you have to give it a chance...it felt like it was aggravating me and I had spotting for quite a while.

I went back to my gyne for my 3 month follow up and he suggested 3 months of zoladex to calm things down. Never again will I use zoladex as I had every side effect and felt awful, the only good thing was that the spotting stopped.....the pain/discomfort continued!!

I knew that I wanted to try for kids at some time in the future so stuck with the mirena, but had to consume quite a lot of ibruprofen during the time I stubbornly (or stupidly) kept it in for just over 2.5 years!!

I then had a further laparoscopy 7 months later after the removal as we were TTC and apparently the endo as wasn't as bad as my previous one.

Looking back I would say to you, don't live in more pain than you are already. Yes, a laparoscopy is painful and can take a while to fully get over, but at least you will know what's going on with your body at that stage and if you want to continue with the mirena after (whilst it's at its lowest) then give it another go.

The bonus of having the mirena for me is that it looked like it did slow the regrowth down and my periods stopped, but as soon as I had it removed my extra daily pain disappeared!!

It's not easy, but look after yourself x


Definitely get the lap. 100%. Felt much better after mine and I'm stage 4. In terms of pain relief it's different strokes for different folks. I have used all of those drugs and am fine with codeine driving etc. some people just cannot tolerate codeine so you'd have to trial it. best for me was Tramadol BUT it works better if you take it with paracetemol as it binds to the receptors apparently so you will feel more benefit. Not very technical but look it up. Only the 3rd consultant I saw told me that! Very best of luck to you. You need to get it sorted and wait no longer. Sometimes you need to stamp your feet a bit I'm afraid. X


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