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Foot pain!


This is strange but maybe someone will relate.

Had my lap on friday last week. Been recovering well. Went to GP yesterday t sort fit note and dad collected me on the car and dropped me home laster as hubby at work. Walked ok while time with no pain. Went to bed after the footy- again no pain.

Woke up this morning to go to the loo and couldn’t weight bear on left foot. Shooting pain. Made getting to the loo with tightening incisions difficult. Move on a few hours and my foot is agony. No swelling. No heat. No bruising. Just bizarre. Pain is around ankle and along side and top of foot mostly

Anyone else has anything similar post lap surgery?

Luckily hubby home to help me get down the stairs so now sat with it up and ice pack on it. So sore.

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no idea, never had that after my lap :(

lets just hope it was at a weird angle when you were sleeping and it's sore from that - some angles can restrict blood flow and make it achey too - especially during deep sleep as we don't feel the way we're sleeping to notice it hurts - it could only even be 20 mins in that position to make it ache for days.

hope it goes, you're doing the right thing with ice and keeping it elevated. you could try heat rather than ice; there are different theories and preference. ice restricts blood flow and reduces swelling, heat improves blood flow and moves toxins out.

If the pain doesn't go or spreads in a few days see a doc.

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Thanks. It’s so strange! I did sleep heavily for first time since the op I think as i felt completely knackered having walked more and been out of the house. Maybe I was in a funny angle, but it’s defo pain rather than ache currently. I was hoping to go out today for a drive out with the hubby for a change of scenery while he has day off too. 🙄

Thanks for taking time to reply. xx

Hiya! Very bizarre and has never happened to me but I did see another lady on here with the same problem! Shooting pain in left foot when urinating... I remember thinking that endo just has to be the weirdest disease ever in terms of range of symptoms.... I’ll see if I can find the post as she may be able to help you more xxx

That would be great. Thanks. I’m ok whilst on the toilet - it’s just a The getting there that’s horrendous. End up kind of on tip-toes and that’s pulling my tummy now, especially the stitches in my belly-button. Really has set me back. Thanks again. x

Okay! Sorry to hear that :( this is the post I was thinking of

not sure if it will help or not as I may have misunderstood you, probably nerve related as your body has been through a lot of trauma with surgery, fingers crossed it will disappear once you’ve fully recovered xxx

I had exactly the same a few weeks after my lap, I took Naproxen and within a few days it resolved itself. GP seemed to think it was u related but I’m not convinced. Good luck and hope it feels better soon x

Have been to the gp and he thinks it’s ligament on top of foot damage potentially from stirrups during the op. At least nothing like dvt or anything else untoward. Just making my recovery a bit slower as putting more strain on stomach muscles so more pain at belly button as well as foot now 😩

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