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Depressed with naproxen?

Hi all - I am just wondering if anyone else takes naproxen for the pain? I visited the doctors two weeks ago and she gave me naproxen - however when I take them I get a 'drunk' sensation as if I have been drinking also they make me feel very depressed? I don't know if its the tablets or the endo but I seem to be very down all the time - also when I take naproxen I feel so tired I could sleep for a week!! I struggled to get up for work the last few days - since I've been taking them- nothing else really works and the pain is so intense especially when I am actually on its unbearable - I have a lot going for me (not the endo) however i feel just so depressed for no reason :/ maybe it could be the endo but I'm really confused - i don't really want to go to the drs about it as i don't want depression on my medical record also i am scared people are noticing - please help sorry if this post doesn't make sense i am so all over the place - sorry again - love Laura - Ps. any info is very much appreciated Xxx

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Hi. I'm also taking naproxen along with others and have also been very tired and a a bit down (have new pain of unknown cause and having loads of tests done). I've just read the side effects and difficulty sleeping and depression is on there. I would go back to the doctor as everyone reacts to medication differently and it may be they need to give you something else instead of the naproxen? xx


Hi I have been on naproxen for nearly a year and I have exactly the same feelings although the doctor had also put me on anti depressants aswell which I was not happy about but after a year of pain and feeling down moody angry and crying all the time there was nothing else I could do. I am booked for surgery on Monday so will let u know if things change.xxx


I felt terribly depressed a few months back, to be honest I blamed the cocodomol but could have been the naproxen. I was lucky and feel fine now. Nowhere near as teary and the only change has been the mirena, I have also tried so hard to be positive and I know it's hard but I think for me just the doctor listening and saying come on let's try this has helped. Sometimes I think it's just having someone who is prepared to listen and not just someone who just hears moaning!

Xx take care xx


I felt uncontrollably sleepy on taking naproxen. You've made me wonder if it also affected my mood. I stopped taking them. I'd rather be in pain than take something so strong that it makes me go asleep.

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