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I’ve been in agony with my ovaries/womb worse than normal for past month. I’m on menopause injections but my private gynaecologist wants laparoscopy, need to see NHS consultant for this. I’ve rang today to see where I am on the list as I was referred September 2019. They have advised waiting list is 174 weeks long so it’ll be a while but my doctors could write an urgent letter to get me seen quicker, asked my doctors to do this they advised they couldn’t. They’ve now put me on naproxen twice a day until my appointment, has anyone took these and found them beneficial? I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall with pain and diagnosis

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That’s a ridiculous amount of time, point out to appointments that your original slot should have been within 18 weeks and there was no covid back then. You should be high up on the list.Can the lap be done privately? If your gynae works within NHS they can add you to their list if they choose to.

I’ve tried Naproxen, it was ok, worth giving it a go. Ask about something to protect the stomach as it’s an NSAID.

I’ve just added Pregabalin to the list. I take Tramadol, paracetamol, Amitriptyline and back up of Oramorph.

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Thank you, the lap privately is 5 and half thousand pounds which I really just don’t have unfortunately. I didn’t know my gynae could do this as she works in NHS and has a private clinic?

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Moon_maiden in reply to HillJ66

I initially saw a gynae privately at the time he could add me to his NHS list or private. I ended up selling some jewellery to pay for lap, just under £3K. Then I moved to his NHS list as it turned out deep infiltrating endo, had Zoladex and he referred to endo team.

It’s worth asking.

Hi I did the same with my gyne. Had the consultant appointment private and then he put me to the top to start treatment, again because I couldn't afford scans/injections privately. My GP just had to email my original referral to him directly so it wasn't lost in the admin teams x

Also I tried naproxin, it worked well but made me super tired I couldnt work so had to stop it x

Thank you! I will keep this in mind for my next review, fingers crossed these tablets take the edge of it xx

Hi your doctor can expedite you up the list, I asked for this due to the severity of my symptoms and all they have to do is write to the consultant to ask that you be seen quicker due to (whatever they decide to say). I take naproxen and if they doesn’t shift the pain I then take tramadol. Sorry you have had to wait so long, I know how that feels, it’s like that letter is never coming through the post x

I’m going to give this a few weeks and see how it goes. Thank you for your reply, I’ve never been in this much pain day in day out xx

Hi HillJ66, Sorry to hear you are struggling and face a long wait.

I was given naproxen to take and I found them really good. Make sure you get omeprozole or something like that to take with them to protect your stomach.

I also had codrydamol to take if I needed something else - mainly just at night.

But the naproxen worked better than lots of other stuff for me.

Good luck.

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HillJ66 in reply to AtomicHair

Thank you! I’ve been given omeprozole as well so fingers crossed this goes well! Xx

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174 weeks????.That’s like 3years sweet Jesus!. that’s really long your gPcan help if they want to.To be fair they usually give you the maximum length of time so you might get a letter within the year.....Every practice has different doctors perhaps book an appointment with “the weakest link” who has more empathy will take pity on your pain and bump you up the list as urgent.Naproxen did nothing for me but might for you so am on dihydrocodeine 30mg 4x a day which works a treat but keeps me constipated sadly.

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HillJ66 in reply to Hidden

It’s crazy the times you have to wait! Thank you I’m going to see how these tablets go and if no help, ring straight back x

So sorry you are waiting so long, I've been waiting over 12 months so feel your pain. I've found Naproxen does help but twice a day seems excessive as a long term pain management plan. I find that Buscopan cramps which can be bought over the counter also helps when combined with Naproxen and codeine. Hope you're not waiting too much longer x

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HillJ66 in reply to Vinnie99

I’ve took buscopan cramps before but they’ve helped very lightly, I’m more scared of this affecting me by taking tablets long term. Thank you! Xx

So sorry to hear you've been in agony. I've experienced years of agony and it is exhausting, so I hope you find some relief soon. I've not tried Naproxen. One doctor suggested it, whilst another said it wouldn't do anything for the pain I get. Because I can get rushed to hospital in so much pain I've not had the strength to try Naproxen yet, just in case it doesn't work. I've been on an orodispersible form of Tramadol for several years. (I have orodispersible so that I don't throw up). Tramadol has been one of the best meds for giving me relief. I also use an Ova tens machine. The Ova tens doesn't solve pain by any means, but it can be helpful to take some of the edge off at times. Another pain med that has helped is Voltarol suppositories. These are good for helping with the pain, although I've started to get breathing and other problems from them so don't take them anymore, but maybe they could help you for a few months? Feel for you and hope you feel better soon!!!

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HillJ66 in reply to Washington1

Thank you so much! I started them today and I’m in agony still but hopefully I’ll see an improvement within a few days xx

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