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Very confused-what to do next?

Hi everyone

Had laparoscopy in May and subsequent diagnosis of endo. They got rid of as much as they could and drained a large chocolate cyst on my right ovary. it seems like life since has got so much worse.

Tried progesterone only pill but could not stop crying on it. so came off that.

pain increasing with every period/day.

mental health really beginning to suffer and because of that, my relationships are really suffering.

Im finding it very difficult to find joy , in anything and I will go from being OK to seriously angry in an instant. This is not me! I've never felt this range of horrible sad, angry, lonely, depressed emotions ever in my life. Other people in my life find it difficult to understand what is going on with me. As you all probably know, explaining the impact of endo to others can be very challenging.

Doctor has offered an antidepressant .

To take it or not?

Anyone have any similar experience and if so what did you do?

Thank you


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how long have you been off progesterone? just wondered if it was just recently then maybe your body hasn't had a chance to settle. Ive been on progesterone and the side effects have been awful so Ive had to stop them too. Its so hard when you have endo, Ive had lap removal of endo adhesion's and an ovary but pain is back after a year. Pain alone can make you feel terrible. I have taken anti depressants in the past , Im not sure they helped but my gp referred me to a local councillor who I saw regularly and she really did help just talking. our illness like many others is invisible to others. None of my family or my friends have it and its impossible to explain how bad it actually is. When I cancel yet another shift at work Im really not sure what they think either. I don't know if anti depressants will help but they too come with side effects , all drugs do. Maybe it doesn't hurt to try . Just wanted to say I understand how you feel xxx


Hi Ladies, I was the same when I first got diagnosed with endo 5 or 6 years ago by which time it was too late. It's an awful place to be in when you are so depressed and feel so helpless because nobody understands. My marriage suffered tremendously and I was at the point where I was ready to take my own life because I just couldn't cope anymore. Really feel for you.

Once I was diagnosed, I had to take a natural approach as I was trying to conceive and I went for acupuncture which really helped to balance my hormones. Also following the endo diet has helped and being aware of xenoestrogens in the environment which alter your hormone levels too.

Also, It might be worth giving natural progesterone cream or spray a go which will probably be less drastic than the progesterone pill.

I still get quite bad PMS some months but I'm going to give the progesterone cream a go and see if it helps.



I remember those days. I dumped a really sweet guy I was dating because I thought I was going to physically hurt him. My mood swings were bad as well but mostly I stayed angry at the pain and at the lack of knowledge anyone had on the disease. Pain killers was what got me through until I had a hysterectomy. The thing that I didnt know is that I needed a better understanding of the endocrine system. The hormones. Which hormones do what. Later in life I went to school for massage therapy and had a course on the endocrine system. Looking back a lot of things made sense. Anytime your body stays in a constant state of stress...you go into the sort of fight or flight with the hormones as well. Now listen, Im no doctor or expert, but I found a great book on which hormones do what, its called"Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrom" by Dr James Wilson. adrenalfatigue.org/ The Link can help with a better understanding. I dont remember if the book touches on Endo, but my thought is if we have a better understanding of whats going on internally then maybe as we are being treated we can make better choices for our bodies. You know how progesterone effects your body and what that was chosen etc. Always always always ask why about any medicine or HRT that you are being given. Its your body you can choose what to put in it. I hope this helps.


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