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Hey all,

I had a lap and dye last Tuesday so 8days ago now. I was fairly lucky with the shoulder tip pain, it did come but I persevered with peppermint tea and thought I was fine. Went back to work today and I feel so so bloated and gassy! I thought the bloating would have gone by now, I look about 5months pregnant?! what are your experiences after a laparoscopy with bloating?

Thanks x

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Hi, I had my last lap on the 31st December and I still feel bloated more than normal. I also didn't have a huge amount of shoulder tip pain as I usually do. This time I was fitted with ureteric stents which have made itdifficult for me to be more mobile as the urgency to go to the toilet takes over everything. I was extremely bloated when I left the hospital and although it has gone down the bloated is still there. The thought of putting on jeans or jeggings just terrifies me.

I think the advice is to walk around as much as you can and drink plenty of water and peppermint tea. You could also try windeze tabs which may help.


Also, it might be an idea to take a good probiotic to rebalance your gut flora as al the pain meds etc have probably affected your digestive system, especially if you had to do a bowel prep before the op as I did.


I second Windeze. You can get it in the indigestion and constipation/diarrhoea section of Boots (or other chemists... maybe supermarkets too). Another thing that can be helpful with general bloating is Colpermin, which is usually used for IBS, but I find it useful for general gas issues of the lower abdomen/colon.


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