Absolutely fuming!

I had a referal from my doctor in November for a 2nd lap to remove more cysts inside my ovaries. No contact as of yet from the hospital for a date or a consultation. I called the hospital today to ask what the delay was and they have said they havn't recieved any referal from my gp!! I called my gp and they have said a referal is on their system which was sent in November. I just don't know what to do about this! Please help

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  • Hi, can you ask your GPs to chase up the referral with the hospital for you? Or make an appointment with your GP and ask then and there for a chase. See if there is a confirmation of receipt of the referral on your records. Some hospitals take fax (! Yes I know, madness) referrals so it could be done again? Hope this helps if you have not already tried this. So frustrating!

  • Hi Pands,

    I've called my doctors and spoke to two different ones plus the receptionist and they have all said their is a record on the system that a referal was sent on 28th November! So how it has not been recieved by the hospital yet I have no idea. They send they would re-submit one but having already waited over a month, am I going to now be pushed to the bottom of the pile?

  • I really hope not...fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks Pands x

  • Oh hun that's so annoying. What would have happend had u not called?! The same happened. I asked to speak to my doctors secutary and explained situation. I also laboured home how much pain was in and she pushed it forward for me. Don't give up pushing them to sort it. Hope it gets sorted x

  • Thank you for your reply hellsbells. This is the thing had i of not chased this up what would the situation be? Honestly I wish they would take people's health more seriously and at least be a little empathetic about their mistake! I will call hospital again next week to see if they have recieved anythjng.

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