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Fed up & scared

Hwllo im new to this site. I have been going to my doctors with problems with my stomach for about 5 years now and they finally think it could be endo. Ive had scans but they didnt help find out. Im having key hole surgery in a couple of weeks to see if it is endo. I get all the symptoms and the pain has worsened over the years. At the moment im constantly bloated and feel full up and sick. Also at some point of every day i am in agony and i get all hot and throw up. Im scared as im only 19 and im scared that because ita been so many years i could be a mess inside and worrying i will be infertile. Any advise?

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Hi, I know it is hard not to worry but try not to worry too much until you have the surgery and you get a diagnosis. Not all endo sufferers have issues with fertility. Depends of where the endo is. Have you looked into the endo diet? That might help you with the bloating and symptoms. Best of luck on your surgery x


Thankyou no i will look ibto the diet and hopefully it helps :)xx


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