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Found endometriosis after 2nd miscarriage

Hi, I'm 31 and just sadly had a second miscarriage and like many other woman was wrongly digognosed 4 years ago with Ibs. The endo is the size of a golf ball and have been wondering what will happen next in this situation. I'm not wanting to try for a baby again just yet.. Was thinking to just change my diet and hopefully get rid of the problem naturally. I used to get serve pain but it has really calm down over the past year so would although the endo is big it's not that painful. I'm mostly tired, emotional and depressed somtimes..

Any advice would be great, much thanks

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Unfortunately if you have endo the size of a golf ball you will more than likely need surgery or at least some sort of course of treatment to try to shrink it. Naturally won't get rid of endo, it can help symptoms but can't shrink it or take it away unfortunatelt. I would recommend seeking advice from your gynae and if they suggest surgery or some sort of hormone therapy I would give it ago. It seems going off the info you've given it's the endo that could be causing the miscarriage and if the size of a golf ball now and you are wanting children in the future the best thing is to tackle it now

Wishing you well x


Thank you for your reply and good advice. I understand where your coming from... God willing surgery will go ok and diet will keep it away!

I totally relate to your name too.. Tiredness is a drag.. How do you cope! Not to mention the depression.. I can just about get out of bed most days


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