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Increased Endometriosis related pain after a miscarriage?

After ttc for 4 years I fell pregnant after an ivf cycle but miscarried at 10 weeks 2 weeks ago. Now my body has gone mad. I have pelvic pain and my typical endo pain but more than I had before ivf. I either have uti or the endo on my urethra has increased. Has anyone else experienced this? Does miscarriage aggravate endo? Hope you have experience to share. Thank you x

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I could have written this post myself! We have been TTC for nearly 5 years and fell pregnant with IVF. I was 7 weeks pregnant yesterday. I ended up in A&E last Friday night in severe pain and was given morphine. A scan the following morning led to a diagnosis of a delayed m/c. The bleeding that I had has now reduced but I am back at the hospital this morning to have a second scan to confirm that the pregnancy isn't viable and decide what treatment to have from here.

In hindsight the pain I have been experiencing is due to endo. Originally the pain was so severe they thought it was ectopic. The endometrioma in my right ovary has been agony since and I hardly had any sleep last night due to the pain. I am so scared that this pain will continue and don't know what treatment I should have as I don't know what will aggravate the endo the most. The hospital keep being vague saying that each patient is different!

I have already been struggling at work and am really concerned that it will take me ages to recover from this. We want to continue with the IVF but obviously want to be as healthy as possible before starting again.

When I was in A&E the nurse suggested using a frozen rather than a heat pack to help the pain which I have found useful. It may give you a bit of relief too xx


Hi Bledie, I can't really answer you as a definate ( i am sure i have endo but am still waiting to see a specialist ) but I would like to tell you what has happened to me, i am 37 and have suffered awful period pain since they started, always thought it was 'normal' however last december i had an early miscarriage and every day since i have been in terrible pain, i cramp every day, when i ovulate i feel so ill i cant get out of bed for 2-3 days, cramps then continue up to about a week and half before period when i start to really go down hill :) cramps, burning, nausea, headaches feeling faint then the wonderful period ( i have been off work for a week again because the pain as been horrendous ) I truly believe I have endo and my miscarriage as for some reason made things so much worse. I am not sure if this is a help to you because like i said i have not been disgnosed I really just wanted to reply to you and to say i am sorry you going through through this. Take care and I hope you feel well soon xxxx


I am sad to hear that you both had to have this experience, it is really hard isn't it?

And Scribble your story reads like my story! I hope you are looking after yourself and taking time off work if you feel like you need that. I have been trying to do nourishing things, having a massage (I am really lucky that a salon near me is doing an offer at the moment!), lighting candles and allowing myself to cry and grief when I need to.

Awoik it sounds like you are in a lot of pain. Are the docs not doing anything to help?

I went to my GP today and thought I had UTI but I don't so it is my endo playing up. The pain reminds me of my infertility and as I had gotten my pain under control it does make me worry that endo is coming back with a vengeance. I don't know how long it lasts but some people say it takes at least two months for the body to recover.

The GP I spoke to is not my GP and she wasn't that good but she said that it is normal for endo pain to increase after miscarrying but could not tell me why.

What I am doing now is that I am taking two high strength omega 3 tablets (from Now) as in the past it has helped with the pain (it decreases inflammation). I am trying to get back on the wagon in terms of the fertility diet I was on (2 brazil nuts, 5 walnuts and 10 almonds per day plus fish four times a week, meat once a week and lots of salads and veggie stuff, gluten free) but because of sadness I have not been adhering to it but trying to increase good fats as it has helped in the past.

Resveratrol also helped in the past and I took turmeric (curcumin) for a while. If you look up research there is research to support this.

This regime I was on devised by a nutritionist and it did help so I am now hoping that it will work when I try it again.

Thank you for replying to my post. I don't feel so alone now.



P.s I will try the frozen pack. I have been using the hot water bottle. Thanks.


I saw the Registrar in the Early Pregnancy Unit today who said that the endo pain is always worse during and after a miscarriage as the endo is reacting to all the changing hormones. He couldn't say how long it would last as it varies between patients. The scan I had today showed the one of my endometriomas is bleeding which at least gives me some understanding of what is going on.

I've been signed off til next Friday so am going to take some time to rest and get my head round everything. I feel that so far I've been concentrating on managing the pain and haven't had time to grieve. Massages etc sound like a good idea. I'd also been thinking about the endo diet which I didnt try before we started the IVF. Maybe I'll think about giving it again once I can stop eating the comfort food!!

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing xx


This post has helped me so much. I miscarried in Dec last year and had medical management which was unsuccessful. But from that day was never right. Constant pelvic pain.

I was in the process of being investigated for endo. I too had really awful periods. But had previously been on hormone contraception from 15. After getting the coil removed 18 months ago each period was becoming more painful. Then never been right since the mc.

Every month got worse like ya said ovulation knocks me off my feet. I started bleeding with my bowels two days prior to my period also.

I was lucky enuf to get pregnant again over the summer. Ally symptoms stopped nut returned last week and I had spotting.

Scan showed baby had no heart beat and was measuring 8 weeks and I was nearly 11.

So frightened that the pain is going to get worse again.


Thanks for the info Scribble, hope you got a good rest and that you are feeling a bit better. I did a lot of comfort eating :) I am now eating a bit healthier but I don't want to deprive myself of nice things as life just gets so boring when you do! I am sorry to hear about your loss Gemz, it's not easy is it. Is your pain a bit better now? Have you had a lap?

My pain kind of comes and goes but is mild. I am spotting as well. I have to remind myself that I was pregnant at some point because it is like my mind is trying to suppress it and not to think about it which isn't that healthy! It all feels a bit surreal now and I am back to my infertility mindset. I do have episodes of crying though and I think that this feeling of sadness over the loss will never really go away, similar to the feeling of sorrow of losing a loved one but slightly different, hope I am making sense.

How are you all feeling now?

take care xxx


Hey ladies, this post has made me feel so much better! I was googling to see if what I was going through was normal for an endo girl and ta dah - here you all are for reassurance! Currently having my first period since mc at 5wks, bleeding oddly is lighter than normal but the pain is horrendous. Back on tramadol though I was off it 3 months. Bladder really bad for me too. Gp tested for bladder infection and was worried there was something else going on but pregnancy test neg and no infection. So evidently endo is flaring, going for ultrasound in sept to check up on things. Relieved to hear that you guys went through similar, though it is awful any of us have had to go through this. So sorry for your losses and hope some months on things have calmed down pain wise. Thanks for the tips to help with pain too xx


I have just had a misscarriage myself and found my endo has really flared up the worst its been for a long time


I’m really sorry to hear that Lyn84. For me it was a period of around 3 months and I broke out in acne too. It’s hard. Look after yourself. I hope you can do some nourishing things. Gl x

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