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Hi there

Hi, stumbled across this forum when researching some new types of pains I have been experiencing and whether they could be endo related.

I was diagnosed after 2 years off suffering and insistence that I be referred to a gyno in 2006. I finally had lap In 2007 where endo was confirmed. Location was tubes and ovaries, along with a cyst of 5cm which had twisted around my tube, also was mentioned some adhesions potentially on liver. Right tube was severely damaged by the adhesions. I was advised to try and conceive right away and thankfully I was able to conceive naturally in 2011 and had my little girl In Oct 2011. Pain in between 2007 and 2011 was fine and after having my little girl all was right! In middle 2012 periods returned and have began to get progressively more painful as time has gone on and now I am back to being in pain pretty much from the point I ovulate to 2/3 days after my period finishes.

I am pretty sure sure my bowels are now affected as the constipation and piles just before my period starts are unbearable! Pain under my left rib during ovulation, and also i think potential kidney pain due to potentially bladder or urethar as have frequent urination and stinging when pee but no infection. Along with the usual back pain, stabbing pains in lower abdo, pain during intercourse, and in legs. The joys of endo! I have stupidly been delaying going back to Dr as I know another lap is likely on the cards and the recovery for my last time was 2 weeks, and with a bouncy toddler seemed like hellish situation to put myself in, rather pop the painkillers. But now she is a little older and understands more I have promised to sort myself out this year!


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