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Endo pain :-(

Hi all I was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 yrs ago while being steralised. Always had pain & fatigue but got on with it. Till Xmas eve I was doubled over in agony & ended up in a&e on morphine. They said about keeping me in for surgery but I got them to send me home as have 3 children. I'm now still in pain but it's in my leg more than abdomen. I'm off work now till God knows when & not knowing what to do for the best

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Leg pain maybe DVT you should get that checked ASAP as that's really serious


Hi there sorry you are so unwell . There could be anything going on. Can you get someone to look after the children and return to the hospital and let them investigate for you . If you have endo it can cause all sorts of things in your body . It's best to know do they can treat you . Please go get yourself check out . Good luck and I hope all goes well . Take care keep us posted when you can .


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