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Post lap feeling down

Hi all I had a laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy on Friday. They found a small amount of endometriosis and two posterior subserosal uterine fibroids. But they did discover that I had an impacted bowel and the picture he showed me said it was very large and about 6lb in weight. Before the surgery and after he kept asking how was my constipation but had to keep saying that I'm not constipated. I feel just as lost as I did before I had the surgery. Still in pain hoping it's just from the op...

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Sorry you feel so down but it is good these issues have been found as now they can take some action. I've had loads of bowel problems as didn't address the endo on my bowel for many years - at least you can now to improve your bowel functioning at a much earlier point. Hope you feel better soon! Happy Xmas and hope things gets better in 2015!


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