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Did my gyneo have a clue?

First visit to gynecologist today. She done both ultrasound and virginal ultrasound and detected endo on my left ovary. She then told me to run the oral contraception yasmin for three months and left it at that. I was under the impression it can only be detected by laposcopy?

She basically patted me on my bck and sent me on my way with the advice if it gets worse go bck to your gp again.

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They can detect it by ultrasound if you have a chocolate cyst on your ovary or if your ovary/tube is bent out of shape or attached to something else because of adhesions. What they can't see is the actual endometriosis lesions themselves. this suggests to me that you have one or both of the things above which made her suspect endo. I would speak to your GP when they get the letter back from the gynae and see what it says, they are more likely to have been given actual medical information rather then the fob off you seem to have had from the gynae. Good luck!


Thank you for your reply Sally I will do as you have advised.


Hi Gina, as Sally says, they can detect cysts, large nodules and if your organs are attached/in wrong place. This usually strongly indicates endo but the only way to definitively diagnose is with a lap. And it is also the only way atm to really treat it too, hormone treatments are only stop-gaps and help slow things down but can't get rid of it. Unfortunately the only way to really end endo is go through menopause!! Sucks ay? My consultant recommended taking the pill back to back (no breaks) until I have my lap as a way of helping to manage the pain (by not having a period). It might well help! I would fight to get seen by a specialist though. you'll get the best care and treatment.


Hi ladies finally seen the gp and got my gyno report today. Yes my gyno did know what she was on about lol just didn't give me a insight as to what she saw.

There's a nodule the size of approximately a 50 pence piece on my left ovary. Have been referred to the endometriosis specialist now for my lap. Thank you ladies for giving me a better insight to what was going on.



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