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Trying but worried

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for about 5 months. Not long in the grand scheme of things but I have been struggling for about a year with awful period pains and significant pain during different parts of my cycle. I was referred by my GP for a scan and the radiologist told me she could see fibroids in my uterus as well as what looked like endometrial cysts and she thought my ovaries may be stuck together.

I've been pretty much worried sick since, thinking that this might make me infertile I've read so much since about the horror stories of endometriosis resulting in complete hysterectomy. I wondered if anyone is able to share any positive pregnancy stories on here.

Many thanks

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I really feel for you hun - although ive never tried for a baby yet - the thought of not having a baby for me makes me feel physically sick - this information may not be accurate but I was in gyneo last week she said I probably got endometriosis and I asked can I still have a baby in the future and she told me yes - aslong as I get it treated - so fingers crossed once they treat you youll be fine - sorry im not much help but I really feel what your going through - also good luck :) x


Me and my sister both suffer with endometriosis, she was told 4 years ago she would never have kids, now she has 2 beautiful little girls! There is hope for the rest of us! Good luck x


I have two girls one thirty o be seventeen was told in minty six would never have anymore children my advice don't give up


Don't lose hope! We have been TTC for 5 years during which time an internal ultrasound showed I have endometriomas and left ovary is stuck to side of womb. Despite have endo symptoms for as long as I can remember we were TTC for 4 years before anyone thought to send me for an internal ultrasound. We have had 1 round of IVF which resulted in a miscarriage but at least we know it works. We have just decided to start the next round in January rather than me having surgery. It's best to know about these things because then you can deal with them!! Don't despair endo doesn't automatically mean infertility, you have other options and sometimes reading horror stories isn't the best thing to do (tempting though it is!!) xx


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