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**I apologise for the amount of information I'm going to give**

I have an orange discharge coming from my bum, it only comes every so often but I can go for a wee and it will come out. I've had it before but it's all worrying me and in wondering if anybody else has had this or if not, understands what it is? I'm in a horrible panic

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Hi Chloe I would try and get an emergency appointment with GP or go to a& e, as that really doesn't sound right. It's better to get it checked now than leave it to get worse. Let me know how you get on.

Do you think? I've had it before and then it stops and then back again. I'm really not sure what to do x

Yeah Hun it's better to be safe than sorry

It shouldnt really have a colour, but sometimes our bodies make a lubricant to push things on their way. Get it checked, it might be something simple x

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ChloeWilson in reply to amelia89

Thank you Hun!! They are testing me for rectovaginal endo now, I do have it elsewhere, that's what I was wondering as to whether it was related x

If you pop to your go he/she will have a quick look to see if it's a tear, piles or something deeper and more sinister. If it's dark brown blood it's deep and if red it's local to bum hole area. Might of ripped it.


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ChloeWilson in reply to Booboo08

Thank you. They've checked for those before and nothing there. I confuse them at the best of times they never know hahah xx

Hi Chloe, have you found your answer yet? If not, here's a question: do you like eating fish? Specifically 'white tuna' or 'butterfish', which is actually usually a fish called Escolar? Because the discharge you mention sounds like it could be a side-effect of eating Escolar. Google it for more info (if you dare!). ;-)

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ChloeWilson in reply to Maryna

Thank you for getting back to me. No I don't really eat fish, I don't really like it. Thank you anyway x

Hi Chloe, did you ever find out what was causing this? I too sometimes experience this, band am pretty worried x

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