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Shoulder pain (diaphragmatic adhesions)


Does anyone else here suffer from shoulder/neck pain as a result of endometrial adhesions on the diaphragm? I have had trouble with shoulder pain during & prior to menstruation for years now, and after numerous chiro & Physio visits my GP finally referred me to a gynaecologist who helpfully said it was 'probably' endometriosis, but unless in was struggling to conceive was not able to do more investigation (!)

I am now tri-cycling the pill, which does help, but the shoulder pain on my week off is excruciating. I have tried painkillers (no use), stretching, deep heat, wheat bags, freeze sprays, the lot. Does anyone have any tips to ease the pain? It is particularly bad at night and I'd kill for a method to help me get to sleep right now!

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Omg I have shoulder pain last couple of months on n off. Haven't even considered it could b related? Mine just on left n travels up neck to base of skull. Only thing that's helped me is hubby giving it a rub b4 bed. Def helps me to sleep better.

Any chance you have Endo in the joint itself- I have come across this with ladies in the past.

Hi i have suffered with bad shoulder pain in my right shoulder it goes right down to my hip.ive been diagnosed with stage 4 endo but unsure if the shoulder and hip pain are connected to endo.i expect they are.ive tried physio acupuncture heat pads hot water bottle and meds.i get ease for a while but pain is continous.


My one of the first symptom was my right shoulder pain, I think, from Endo. About 13 years ago, it was very bad, and tried physio but they didn't know what it was.

I tried hot Okyu - Japanese method to place a hot burning herb on places of pain - which helps at the time of placing the heat.

I still suffer from the pain but it has became more manageable since I started do exercises.

I now, when I can, jog and try to cycle as much as possible.

I am diagnosed with very bad Endo probably stage 5 but not sure if it is on diaphragm. But I am pretty sure the excruciating pain on my shoulder is connected to my Endo.


Hello, I found the Alexander Technique very helpful. Its primary focus is the neck/ head relationship, which helps ease tension throughout the body. You can find clear information here:

though there is a lot on the net, I found this the best.

Good Luck!

Hi! I have horrendous shoulder and chest pain which I assume is due to diaphragm endo. My lap is next month but I basically diagnosed myself after several a&e trips and being told it was gallstones. Im not even on period right now and its agony. But the days I am on I could scream with the pain. Mefanamic acid is the best I think as most pain killers make me unwell. Tramadol makes me soooo sick. I think u should ask for amitriptyline as it is a nerve pain killer and the shoulder pain is due to phrenic nerve irritation. Make sure u take it at night though like 7pm as it makes me hungover and tired if taken too late xx

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