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Hi Im Emily and Im kinda new to all this Im 21 and I suffer with endometriosis. Its really hard for me some days because there is no one around me that knows how I feel and its really hard to try ad explain it. I have been in hospital a few times in the last few weeks with this pain and its slowly getting in the way of my university work. I am in my first year and really don't want to drop out of uni. If anyone could help me, give me some advise i'd be very grateful. Also with all the painkillers I have to buy and visits to hospital, money is getting kind of tight I don't know if theres any form of income support I can get to help me with paying for stuff like medication.

Hope someone can help me.

Emily Ballard

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If you're in uni you should be entitled to some form of income support surely anyway? I'm unsure.

Other things like the contraceptive pill, contraceptive injection and the mirena coil are all treatment options and recommended for treating endometriosis as well as the pain it gives us.

Hope you feel a bit better soon x


I am but with having to pay for accommodation costs and food costs, its not enough to be able to pay for medical costs.

yes Im currently on the contraceptive pill and have been for the last 3 months, I do a 3 moths cycle then take a break, but lately it hasn't seemed to be having the desire affect.



Ask the receptionist at your GP for a HC1 or HC2 form (I can't remember which). It's a generic form for people on a low income and it's only based on your household, so not your parents but I think it would include a partner if you live with one. It's valid for a year and I think you can claim back costs too. it does mean that you'd need to get your painkillers on prescription for them to be free.


If your income support is income based you can get prescriptions for free :).

And perhaps its worth discussing a potential new treatment with your gyne or GP? X


sorry to hear endo if affecting day to day life, try this link :)


hope you can get some help and get well soon x


Hi Emily

I'm sorry you feel alone and you aren't having the best time of it, hopefully we can help you feel a bit better about that.

You can get your painkillers on prescription and you shouldn't pay as you are a student. I would also recommend getting a heat pad, either a wheat bag you put in the microwave or a plug in one. Also make sure you get plenty of exercise, I know it can be difficult to motivate yourself when you are in pain but keeping fit really helps me, on really bad days I do yoga which is fab.

Maybe the pill is not the option most suited to you, it would be worth having a chat with your GP to discuss your options, I have the coil and because it stops my periods all together it really works for me.

A lot of living with endo is trying loads of stuff out to see what happens, sometimes it goes horribly wrong but sometimes its relief, keep going you will find something that helps.

Please please please don't drop out of uni, this disease shouldn't make you lose your future, I work full time and I am part time at Uni - it hurts like hell but I won't let it stop me, I control the disease not the disease controlling me (well most days, sometimes it wins but hey we have to get back up).

I hope you find your answers xxx


Hi Emily, I am 21 too and I'm applying to go back to uni next September. I dropped out at the start of 2013 due to anxiety and mild depression (did not know at the time that they could be associated with what was at that point "suspected" endo) as well as struggling with missing so much uni because of my pain and just generally finding it hard to cope with everything on top of uni. I'm hoping the this time round I will be able to manage better - if I get in that is haha!

What I'm trying to say is well done! You are already doing so much better than I did first time round by simply sticking it out! Juggling it all is something to be really proud of.

As far as financial help goes I don't know a lot about it in England as I live in Scotland but I really hope you find some more support as that stress is the last thing you need.

If you ever need someone to chat to feel free to send me a message - I'm fortunate that my mum knows exactly what I'm going through as she also has endo and I don't know what I would do without her so can't imagine how difficult it would be without someone who understands to talk to.

Hope things get easier for you soon!

Bella xxx


Hi Emily,

I'm 18 and been diagnosed with stage 4 endo and pcos. I was supposed to go to uni in sept but decided not to because of the exact reason of your troubles.

I've been put on a low gi diet by my gyno and it's really helped reduce the pain and the frequency of pain. So I would recommend you having a look into it. Also keeping your stress levels low seem to help too- bit tricky when you're in pain, falling behind in work and no one understands. (I'm currently a full time teaching assistant, completing a full time nvq and awaiting surgery and hopefully soon I'll be trying for a baby


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