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What is the next stage?

Hi all

I had my first lap in may this year. They diagnosed Endo but I wasn't told which stage it was. They also found I have a blocked tube. The pain returned by July and have now been referred for another pelvic scan. I'm assuming this will lead to me going back to the gynaecologist.

I'm just wondering what others have experienced at this stage? I'm wondering what to expect them to offer me. Is it likely to be another lap or possibly investigate the blocked tube more? I know everyone is different and it's not something anyone can answer for me but just wondered what other peoples experience was at this stage?

Thanks x

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It depends what is blocking the tube. If the tube(s) have signs of hydrosalpinx then normally these would be removed and if both are taken out then it will definitely mean IVF to get pregnant.

If only 1 side is compromised and the other is clear and its ovary is working find too then just have one tube removed.

If the blockage is caused by fimbral cysts then they might be able to be whipped out in a surgery opening up the tube ending so that it is usable.

If adhesions have grown round the tube inside or outside or both then it can be left alone - but would probably be better being removed to reduce the chances of any ectopic pregnancy in the future.

They may already have a pretty good idea what the blockage is.

Hydrosalpinx, fimbral cysts and adhesions have different appearances in a scan. If your GP gets a report back from the hospital before you get to see the gynaecologist, ask the clinic for a copy of the report as it might give you a better idea of what was found so you can do a bit of research yourself before you go see the surgeon.

Hydrosalpinx is the only one of the options that is needing surgery sooner rather than later.

There are other causes - like pelvic infections causing scarring to build up too. At this point in time it isn't worth guessing - the assorted causes are diverse, so do be patient and wait to see what the report points towards, then take things from there. It certainly doesn't always mean a surgery is required, but it would normally indicate that on that side at least - it is curtains for your fertility on that affected side, and you may need to consider that you need IVF at some point if you are not yet ready for baby making now and leave it too long so that problems can arise on the other side too.

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Thanks for your reply. This information is really helpful gives me some more knowledge of what it could be. I have been told IVF may be needed in my situation already which seems likely. My scan date is in just over a week so ill wait and see what it shows.

Thanks again for your information.


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