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What do I do next?

On Weds this week I went for a scan. I had both pelvic and transvaginal. The internal scan was painful at times and much as it needed to be done, I really wanted it to be over.

Anyway nothing was found and I was told my right ovary looked fine(my left one was removed at my last lap). I'm relieved nothing sinister was found but what to now? I suppose another lap? It would be my 4th in three years. I'm in pain most of the time so expect I have more endo or adhesions. Just sad that this won't go away.

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Hi. Just thought i would share my experiences. My endo was only confirmed by lap. My scans like yours were clear too. I have constant pelvic pain. Good luck with your diagnosis and treatment.


Hi Lilyloulou thanks for sharing. It's not easy is it?How long have u had pain? I find my pelvic pain fluctuates as well which makes diagnosis difficult. I shall probably phone my doctor this week and get referred again <sigh>


Hi I ve had the pelvic pain for a year and a half. First my gp said it was a urine infection...the pain would come and go... Had numerous courses of antibiotics. I had procedures and tests carried out by a urologist but the pain never got better. I was then referred to the gynae who carried out the lap and bingo my diagnosis. Am now due an appointment regarding fertility.... It never stops... Best wishes.


The gynae said my pain didn't fit the typical endo pain pattern... Lap was the best thing I ever did now I know exactly what I'm dealing with.


It does seem that for most of us on here that it takes ages for diagnosis and in the meantime you wonder if you will ever be taken seriously. I'm really glad you found out the cause in the end even if you have still got to battle with fertility issues.

Wishing you good luck for the future x


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