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Feeling horrible physically and emotionally after laparoscopy

Hi, I'm 25 and had my first laparoscopy a week before my 25th birthday. The Drs ended up cauterizing endometriosis on my left ovary, my uteris, and ended up taking a large biopsy of it off of my uteris as well. My recovery was horrible. The pain medication made me nauseous and I could only keep down chocolate pudding for a week. Since the laparoscopy I've felt horrible about myself. I've lost all self-esteem. I've been very bloated, my belly button is now shaped differently, and my scars are bright red and painful with scar tissue. On top of this I just started my second cycle since the surgery and have been horribly fatigued, in tremendous pain with early cramps and my left ovary feels like it's on fire. I'm miserable and depressed and am wondering if any of this is normal? I'm feeling very alone as my boyfriend tries hard to understand and care for me but can only do so much. Thank you to any who reply.


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Hi Kat, I understand you, I don't know what can advice to you we are the same boat, I had my 3rd laparoscopy last 03 Oct. last month my pain same as you bloated,fatigue,pain everywhere so much pain & sent to me A&E I have infection I take antibiotics but my pain still same I will visit to my GP today.. I wish you feel better soon!


Please see your GP - post op depression is pretty common and your GP can assess you and discuss options with you which might include anti-depressants to get you back on the right track again. Use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page and look for post-op depression. Lots of forum members have been unfortunate enough to be overwhelmed after a surgery and it does take an emotional toll on your health, you also need to be checked for infections - because bright red and painful holes is a sign of infection or struggling to heal which won't be helping matters.

Holes should only be tender for a few days then the skin should be healing and calming down not heading the other way and getting inflamed. Antibiotics could be needed.

I would suggest you book a double appointment slot with your GP because there is more than one issue to be discussed and the assessment for depression can take longer than the allotted 5 minutes or so for a standard appointment. Just tell the receptionist you'd like a double appointment when you call up to book to see the GP. It doesn't need to be your usual GP, any Doc will be able to help and the sooner you can get an appointment the better.

And to answer your question - what you are going through is not normal - but it is not uncommon either. It does happen and help is waiting and available - but you do need to get to the Doc and let them know what's going on. Don't suffer in silence,you owe it to yourself to be seeking treatment and getting well again. Very best of luck.

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Hi Kat, first of all I'm so sorry to hear how bad you've been feeling. That is terrible and a very difficult thing to go through. I've been ill for a while now and I'm still undiagnosed, but my GP suspects Endometriosis and an autoimmune disease and I'm seeing a gynaecologist this week.

As I'm undiagnosed I can't offer much help or insight into the surgery side of things. But I completely know what you are feeling. Being ill all the time makes me feel depressed and kills my self esteem. I'm constantly bloated and tired and in pain.

I think the best thing to do is not feel guilty. What's happening to you isn't normal, just like Impatient said. It's also not fair! So you need to be patient with yourself and allow yourself to rest and feel better. I'd definitely see your doctor for a double appointment. I've already been warned that depression and anxiety can come as a result of illness and surgery.

Some days I feel so sad and fed up and angry at having to deal with all this. I see my friends having fun and being healthy and enjoying their bodies, having tons of energy and getting on with life. That makes me feel sad because I'm 21 but feel so unhealthy and in pain, I get so fed up. No one I know really understands the pain and the tiredness. What I want to say is that you are not alone. There are GP's that can help you and support groups. Online I've found so many people who are ill like me, all helping each other and trying to feel better. I've found videos of endometriosis sufferers explaining their symptoms and I share that with my boyfriend and family. They then see how others are suffering just like me, and it helps them understand.

Finding something active that you can do, like a sport or a dance class, would be great. I'm a comedy performer and live for my workshops and shows. To just be active and do something physical (but not too physical as I'm often in pain!) really lets me blow off steam and just forget about being ill. It also makes me feel happy for not letting whatever is wrong with me get me down! Everyone has good and bad days. Don't beat yourself up, ask for help, be proud of yourself for handling things and don't feel bad when it gets too much. Push doctors for answers and put your health first.

I hope you feel better really soon xxx


hi Kat,

So sorry to hear you feel very down and rubbish i can relate as I am 2 weeks post surgery myself and i had a whooping downer last week, then my period came, very very bad. I agree with impatient double GP appt, get them to do an exam. my GP was amazing, i got some stronger painkillers and some antibiotics. I feel less emotional as i could talk to people in my local endo support group, please dont feel alone, you are not :)


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