Ovary grows back after oophorectomy

Anyone else had this happen? Left ovary removed on 16 April, ultrasound on 31 October shows an ovary there. Apparently it is rare but can happen if a few cells are left behind (and how hard would it be to remove all cells without a microscope) but more likely for ladies with lots of adhesions. I thought maybe someone else in this community may have had the same thing. Seeing my consultant Wednesday. A bit annoyed but I guess it can't be helped.

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  • Gosh, how interesting! I haven't any experience of this, but I am studying Sophrology to try and help myself cope with pain and all the negativity I have had in my life since a child and I am so inspired by the mind body connection with a lot of these things. I understand your annoyance as nobody wants to go through this tuff over and over again along with all the indignity that comes with it. bruce Lipton is an inspiration. I guess what I a, trying to say is I understand your annoyance, but what I am learning is that each thought, each word is energy and our cells take this on. I am unlearning 41 years of fear, anger, stress and mistrust and I don't know if I will make it work, but boy am I going to try. I hope that things will have a good outcome for you.

    Good luck :0)

  • only slight annoyance. If it is an ovary I guess the normal amount of hormones won't hurt. I like what you're doing. My therapist is in tune with that kind of work, which is helpful. My acupuncturist recommended Bruce Lipton! I must have a look. thanks :)

  • Did they say it was called "Ovarian Remnant Syndrome"?

    It sounds like that from what you have described - in which case yes there are a few forum members who have had ORS after an oophorectomy op.

    Use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page - there are 33 previous posts on "Ovarian Remnant" just type in the phrase and you'll see the list of previous posts to read through and find the members that have had that. You can then send them a private message if you wish to get in touch and they are not regularly on the forum enough to pick up your above post.

  • No one's said anything yet - just the lady who did the ultrasound who asked me if I was sure that ovary had been removed, as she could see an ovary there. I see my consultant on Wednesday. I assume ORS is what it is though. Thanks for the tips, once I have seen my doctor I'll come back and have a look.

  • p.s. I've just looked up ORS. I don't have any pain, it just seems that an entire ovary has grown back. Guess I'll see what my consultant says.

  • ORS can be enough for a cyst to form, and I'm wondering if they saw a cyst and thought it was an ovary......or the surgeon removed something else in the 1st place leaving the ovary, or you could be one of those incredibly rare ladies with 3 ovaries..... oh yes that is a noted possibility too.

    it is a good mystery - hope you get some answers soon. If the ovary has regenerated in 6 months, that a pretty interesting event.

  • Saw my consultant this afternoon. She said she was sure it was not ORS and she remembers (after consulting the notes) removing my ovary cleanly without much difficulty (so less likely bits/cells were left behind) - she's convinced it's a small haematoma at the site where they used some surgicel (hemostatic agent (blood-clot-inducing material)). The haematoma was seen on the MRI I had 6 weeks after surgery and is on the pelvic wall - the same place as the 'ovary' was supposedly seen i.e. not where ovarian tissue would normally be. The 'ovary' is the same size as that haematoma was seen to be, which is about half the size of my original ovary. She is not concerned about it at all and reassured me it will gradually be reabsorbed into my body. She said it would not be possible for an ovary to grow back that quickly, in any case, and reassured me that cancer was very unlikely given the pre-existing haematoma.

    Interesting that this was the first ultrasound I've had where the ultrasonographer was not particularly friendly, and the only one where I've been given misleading information (based on what she could 'see'). She was quite rude when she asked me if I was sure I'd had it removed.

    Needless to say I will be watching any future ultrasounds closely!

    (Thanks for listening and replying :) )

  • I had the same thing my ovary was removed and I had pain shortly after the surgery. 6 werks later I had a repeat ultrasound and it showed an "ovary" there with a cyst. My surgeon said it was impossible he removed it. I suffered for months and sought a second opinion. I couldnt urinate properly had pelivix bladder and bowel pain. When Insaw a different doctor he repeated the ultrasound and did a laparoscopy. He removed the remnant which had grown back along with the large cyst that had grown back and alot of adhesions. He said the cyst grew around my ureter limiting flow. My endometriosis (that the first dr said he never saw any of) had grown so far he had to remove my appendix as well. I went on to have my left ovary removed for a cyst and now almost a year later my right ovary and cyst have regenerated for a third time. It can happen that quickly and if your doctor denies your pain or its existance I strongly encourage you to see another provider. Good luck.

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