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Exercise Post Op - pain?

Hi guys,

So I am 3 months post op and wanted to ask how other people have found getting back into exercise/fitness routines?

I am getting married next May and was already getting on quite nicely before my collapse back in July. I was told to wait but after a few weeks I did start doing long walks and tried to keep as active as possible. Of course if any pangs happened I would stop!

I properly started back at my gym 6 weeks post op and started building cardio back up through the stationary bike and treadmill, avoiding direct ab exercises for some more weeks.

I had my check up just over 2 weeks ago (albeit more of a prod then any thorough checks) and since have been upping my weights and resistance work outs.

I have had a bit of pain today but nothing alarming...

Has anyone else cracked back on with situps/planks/russian twists etc 3 months in to recovery? I don't want to be doing anything silly!

B xx

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Hi BibaBee!

I thought I would make a suggestion regarding your query above.

Perhaps if you approach your GP and/or Gynaecologist regarding Physiotherapy. A Physiotherapist might be able to design an exercise programme for you tailored specifically to your needs with Endometriosis and post op care in mind.

I hope this helps.

Take care and I wish you well.


(Please see the link... endometriosis-uk.org/pain-r...


Thanks so much Simonetta - this sounds like a great idea. Thanks again! x


You are more than welcome.

Take care,



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