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I'm new on here, i'm 28, I've had pain on and off since March this year, after going back and forth to the GP, I was eventually sent to see Gynae in Aug, Gynae thinks I may have endo and I have a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on 4th Nov, really nervous. Never had any sort of op before. Been reading about people's experiences to try and convince myself I'm doing the right thing, but I've thought so many times.....should I cancel it?! I guess it would be nice to finally know what's going on! any advice would be appreciated- My mother who I live with is disabled and I care for her, I'm also the only driver in my family, so I have had to organise a friend to pick me up from the hospital- paranoid of being sick in her car!

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Hi, I have my lap and hysteroscopy tomorrow and I'm sooo nervous but I can't go on with the pain and bleeding etc. I'm 29 and have been like this since I was 11 years old. It feels strange knowing I'm finally going to know one way or the other tomorrow, after all those years, and a relief! I will let you know how I get on, I'm sure itl be fine and I can put your mind at rest :) I'm on my period as well which isn't going to be fun but the pain I've been in this weekend is making me more relieved I have the operation booked. I'm dosed up on codeine, 800mg ibuprofen and paracetamol, exhausted xx I'm having the merina coil fitted to so I'm praying that this helps. Did they mention the coil to you? I cancelled my first lap a couple of months ago as I wanted to believe it was all in my head and I was being a drama queen. But we know our own bodies and it's always best to have things checked out properly. Would anyone be able to help you care for your mother after the operation?


Thanks would def like to know how you get on? no not been told about a coil, I guess I might know a bit more about what I'm dealing with after the op. Was also going to ask anyone know how long to expect to be off work? I have quite a physical job- I work for an airport in security, I don't want to go in with stitches in! :-( I'm worried my occy health are just going to say what are you moaning about get back to work.


I've only been in this job for 6 months which is another reason I cancelled the last op. But my symptoms have gotten worse since and health must always come first x my op is at 3pm tomorrow (I'm praying it doesn't get cancelled) so I will update you as soon as I can. Sorry I can't be of more help to you but there's lots of people on here who have been battling with endo for a long time who can hopefully give you some guidance x


Hope it all goes well in yr lap. Stay calm! You'll be fine. Don't race back to work afterwards, it takes a good few weeks to feel normal and strong again

Take care xx


Rr thank you so much it means a lot. It's at 3pm so I'm just clock watching at the moment. I've been awake since 5am! I can't wait to get it over and done with. Il will let you all know how I got on :) xx Ps I'm just packing my bag now, I've got so others, Vaseline, arnica tablets, peppermint tea, toiletries, pjs (I'm in over night unfortunately), slippers, sanitary towels, a few pairs of knickers - am I missing anything? X x(soothers - not so others - bloody phone)


Hi there

You are definitely doing the right thing having the lap. It's the only true way of diagnosing endometriosis. And it will continue to develop too. Surely it's better to get diagnosed properly so you know once and for all?!

You will be fine in the lap. Honestly it's not too bad getting over it. Yes you will feel sore and bloated for a week or so afterwards. Everyone's recovery time varies and does depend on how long you're under for. They blow you up a bit in the op so they can get to everything! So you do get a bit of trapped air which oddly gives you a very painful shoulder for a few days. You must eat as healthy as you can during yr recovery, lots of fibre and water as this will help you get rid of the trapped air and help you use the loo. Constipation is quite common after a lap.

You do really need to do nothing for at least a week, which includes cooking and housework, so I assume you have someone lined up to help out with your mum? You'll feel very tired for a week or so too, and you do need to not rush back into everything as you will make it longer to recover. Maybe you could make up loads of meals like lasagne and shepherd's pie and freeze them so you only have to take them out and defrost and warm through. But if you have someone who can help you out and yr mum for a week I think that would be wise. Keep yr stitches dry for a few days and when you do shower make sure you put a clean dry dressing on afterwards.

It is a bit nervewracking having an op, that's only natural. But it's amazing what they can do in key hole now, and the nurses are generally good and kind, so if you tell them you've never had an anaesthetic before they will comfort you. Honestly though it's all so quick! I actually thought the sleep I had on the recovery ward was the best sleep I've ever had!!

Good luck with it all. And stay calm. You'll be fine!



Hi I'm sure your op will be fine. The first week after is a bit sore and I ended up only being able to sleep on my reclining sofa. My insides took quite a battering! After that it begins to feel better. I had 6 weeks off work as I work with kids and the risk of infection was too high. I actually felt fine after 4 weeks though and actually left the house. Was a bit cautious. Anyhow you are going to need help looking after your mother, at least when you first come out. Currently waiting for my next lap. Good luck and try not to worry. I hope it all goes well for you.


Thanks for all your replies and Hinesm- good luck though I know you won't read this until after.


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