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Non stop bleeding since January and the Mirena Coil?? PLEASE HELP!

Hi everyone.

So I have been having a pretty rough time with my endo this year. I had the mirena coil fitted nearly 3 years ago, and since January I have been bleeding near enough everyday! I had an appointment with the gyne specialist back in April and it turned out that I had an STI which was then believed to be the reason for the bleeding.. so I was treated for that and whilst taking the tablets for that the bleeding did stop for a little while and then started again but nothing like it had been (at one point I was waking up up every morning covered in blood) so I figured I would leave it.

I then had a summer job where I was working every day pretty much and had no time to get back to the doctors so I just put up with the bleeding until I could get an appointment.

I then got told by a partner that I might have caught an STI off them again, I didnt take a test I just went and got treatment straight away. Since I have been to the doctors about my bleeding and possibly whether I was going to get the coil taken out, the doctor knew nothing about endo and said that she would take the coil out and gave me a contraceptive pill, which I looked up later was an oestrogen based pill so that would have made me worse!

So I've still got the coil in at the moment. But im getting to the point of dispare, I don't know how much more I can take and I'm scared it may be affecting my fertility.

Has anybody experienced anything like this before?

In need of some advice.. Please help

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My friend who also has endo had the coil and bled continuously while she had it. She eventually had to have it removed and the gynae who removed it said that all the progestin in it had been used up (by her body).

As you've had yours in a while, I wonder if it needs replacing? Anyway, if you do get it removed and not replaced, you could try a progestogen only pill or the Depo Provera injection. I chose not to have the injection as once it's done I'd be stuck with the results until it wears off, whereas at least with the coil it can be removed and with the pill you can stop it and switch to something else if need be.

So perhaps the STI connection is just a coincidence for you. If you are unsure go to your local GUM clinic and get a full sexual health screen. Plus if you are due or overdue your smear test, get that done to rule out any issues there.

Lastly, you could ask your GP if it is possibly your bleeding is unconnected to the coil and whether you could have a uterine polyp. In that respect you could provably get checked for that to exclude that issue.


Ahhh right okay :) yeah I am going to get referred back to a specialist and try and find out what the best option is for me, I dont really want the injection either would rather go back on to the pill and try to control it that way, i just like having the coil as im virtually painless with it so if it has just run out then I will most likely just get it replaced..

Im also too young for a smear test yet (I'm 22)

And what is uterine polyp?

Thanks for replying :)


Yeah the coil when it works is the least hassle!

A uterine polyp is a little growth on the inside of the uterus - it can cause bleeding... especially outside your period, so when abnormally bleeding it should be ruled out. They can sometimes be seen on an ultrasound. They can be seen and removed via a hysteroscopy (like a laparoscopy but looking inside the uterus). Here's more info: mayoclinic.org/diseases-con...

Hope you get it sorted as bleeding so much is horrible. In the meantime you could try tranexamic acid tablets - GP can prescribe it - as it helps to lighten heavy bleeding and in some cases can stop it... I think it helps the blood to clot or something like that.


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