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Hi All

I had my diagnostic lap done on the 2nd October and am recovering well but slowly well that's how it feels lol , I even went for a very short walk yesterday with a snail.

Just wandering how long it usually takes for the stitches to dissolve and for the swelling to go down ? I understand it is very different for most people as it depends on what you actually had done during surgery .

I have now stopped taking codeine altogether and just take the odd ibuprofen when needed which is usually late afternoon, evening time when my body is a little tired and achy . I am hoping to go back to work on Monday if I feel ready. I am a cleaner so would probably start of with light duties, although it depends if I am able to drive as still a bit fragile being a passenger in a car.

Sorry this post has gone on a bit longer than I intended it to be . Just very bored waiting for my body to heal ..

I hope you are all okay :-)


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My stitches took a few months to vanish completely. The swelling went down a lot faster than it took for the stitches to go. You can carefully trim back stitches with nail clippers, and stick a padding of micropore tape over them to stop them catching on clothes.

Take a trial test drive - before deciding to head back to work..it's the reversing that I found hardest, twisting to look back over my shoulder, or reaching for the seat belt behind me...both caused ouch and I wasn't back driving for 8 weeks I think - possible 10...but I did have a laparotomy op so the tummy muscles had taken a big trauma. It very much depends on what was done inside too. Find a quiet car park and practice reversing in to a parking space and emergency stops and 3 point turns without causing an incident.

If you find that it hurts to do this and hurts even more next day - then take a rest and try again a week or so later. I found driving forwards was no problem at all, it was the more physical challenges of other manoeuvres that caused probs.

Light duties are essential at work as you gradually build up the stamina and strength needed for more vigorous work in the muscles that have been affected by the surgery and recovery.

Most ladies need about 3 weeks off minimum after a lap op with work done inside - and many need a couple of months. See how you get on - don't over do things and have a set back. You'll know when you feel ready to head back to work. It isn't likely to be just yet.

If you are getting cabin fever and wanting to get out and about -then go for walks round the neighbourhood. doesn't have to be too far, just go gently and local, even if it is just round the block once or twice day, or to a local shop for treat and walk back again. It will certainly help your healing and recovery to keep as active as you can manage to.

Hopeit isn't that much longer before you are feeling a lot stronger


Aww thank you " impatient " for your reply I will take it all on board :-)

I am one of the lucky ones who hasn't suffered to badly from this horrible disease. Due to no real pain. They found a cyst on my right ovary by chance when I went for a hycosy some time ago which has turned out to be a chocolate cyst and they also spotted some mild adhesions whilst having my diagnostic lap which has now been dealt with. By reading some stories on Endometriosis UK. I feel very fortunate and feel for all you ladies who are suffering .... Big hugs to you all xx


Hi :)

My stitches took quite a long time to dissolve i think, probably nearly 2 months. It was frustrating as you just want them gone! I went back to work 2 weeks later, although I'm just a childminder and so it wasn't such a strenuous job. Its good that your not in pain anymore, but just be really careful when you go back to work, and that you don't push yourself. You will think you're ready and able to go back, but you may find the next day that your really really sore - which is what i did. Just take it steady by doing little things round the house, and slowly build it up if you feel able to.

Hope your recovery goes well

Emma x


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