I was told that my stitches were dissolvable stitches and today as I removed two of them as they had actually come loose they're not dissolvable in the slightest......not only that they were actually cutting into my skin which is why they've been sore : ( how can they screw up something as simple as informing me of what stitches I had actually been given......I'm so sick of the hospital they've done nothing but mess me around/fail to give the right information/actually notify me of appointments over the past 2 and a half years that I 100% don't want to go there anymore for any future treatments or even a bloody check up......can I ask to be transferred to a different hospital?

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Yes. If you are in England I think I read something about being able to decide where you want to be referred for treatment. Check the bsge website for Endo centres via Google. Also check lindle's profile on here for her post on getting referred as I know she's mentioned it to others as a help. I should imagine if you ask your gp to refer you to somewhere else it would be quite straightforward. Make sure you see your gp nurse to ensure all those stitches are out. X

You'd think that but no matter how many times I demand a different hospital my doctors still send me to it. Even when I had a chest x-ray at a different hospital last year they sent me to this hospital even though that hospital failed to send appointments to me and had actually sent the appointments to itself in confusion as to why they didn't send me back to the same hospital for a follow up xray. Been with the same docs surgery for a year now and they've not even added my medical history fully or my children's and I've moved to far for my old doctors to take us back. Sorry I'm getting ranty. They've done so many things over past few years that is shocking that I no longer trust them with anything at all.

I'd change gp then if I were you. I know it's really frustrating when they mess you about. Concentrate on you and recovery right now. Give it a few weeks then you'll be up to tackling the bureaucracy. Get well soon xx

Ps my stitches took donkeys to dissolve too and got tight as the skin healed around. I had a combo of dissolvable and non-dissolvable - definitely see a nurse asap to get the wounds checked as infection is pretty nasty x

I have finally been referred to a specialist after months of begging the gp. You do have the right to choose who you see in England and the gp's aren't actually allowed to say no.

I recommend making appointment with your gp for the sole purpose of asking for a second opinion. Don't mention anything else first (about pain or stitches or anything) because I noticed that if asking for a new consultant was something I mentioned along with other issues, the gp ignored it as they say they can "only deal with one thing per appointment".

So your best bet is to go in and just ask to see a new gynae, and bring the details of the specialist centre you'd like to go to.

My stitches were like that and they did dissolve

Mine took me over a month to dissolve (much longer than they told me). Good luck with the hospital x

Mine were like that and they did dissolve within a month it is going to pull if you think about it it's pulling the skin back together to heal

Yeah but stitch shouldn't be cutting through the skin I've never had any stitches do that

Well sabbs id probably suggest if your concerned to contact a doctor plus if that's still an open wound you are likely to get an infection in it

I've had 6 surgeries, all with the supposed "dissolvable" stitches that have never dissolved. I've been fortunate in the sense that the docs have always said they won't dissolve & told me to have them removed after 7-10 days! One time I was even given sterile scissors & tweezers to take home & told to remove the stitches myself whilst in the bath!!!

thank you all for your replies.....i took the stitches out myself.....ive not had a follow up appointment with anyone docs refuse to look at it and the hospital just tell me to go to my doctors.....i got so fed up with it that i tried to go back to my old doctors and they have refused to let myself and my children go back to them even though i have explained the situation.....the only other thing i got was a letter yesterday for an appointment with a specialist for july about the rest of the endo that wasnt removed during my lap.....i have healed i had healed within the first week other than the stitches that were cutting through my skin but since i took them out they have healed nicely as well....just dealing with the pelvic pain and random pains im getting in other places that didnt hurt before lols

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