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Has anyone used Loestrin as BCP here?

Hi all,

I have been doing an extensive research on contraception methods for endometriosis cases. I need something that goes out of my organism quickly (therefore implant and injection are out of the question) but I am really scared of coil. I have tried different pills (before being diagnosed) but all of them made my libido go away. Apparently, Loestrin has caused increased libido in several cases (I would be happy as long as it doesn't decreases it).

Has anyone tried this pill and have had this effect as well? I want to discuss it with my doctor to see if I can take it. They have been quite useless recommending what contraception methods don't have that affect and was told "you will have to live with the secondary effects". Only a person who doesn't suffer this is capable of saying you will have to live with endometriosis + painful sex + no libido.

Hear your thoughts girls!!!


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Hi ya, yes I'm on loestrin 30 at the min have been taking it for nearly 8 months but I'm looking to come off it and change to something else, due in part to exactly the side effects you are referring to :-/

It has certainly decreased my labido, I've also been suffering with insomnia and I have gained weight since being on it. So I'm keenly looking for another BCP I can try. I'm sure others will have different experiences, and hopefully if you tried it your experiences would be different. Good luck :-)


Thanks for your answer. It's a shame that it has decreased your libido :-(.

I am just very tired of trying different pills all causing the same effect on me and I have a lot of hope in this one...


I've been on loestrin 30 for 5 years and haven't had any problems with my libido really. The only symptoms I've started having recently is nausea and fatigue and back pain, but over the last five years its been a god send. I was on microgynon for 6 months and those were the worst 6 months ever, made me so depressed all i did was sit in my bedroom crying.

Hope you find the right pill for you xxx


Thanks for your comment Andy


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