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Could it be endo?

Hello ladies,

I have not been diagnosed with endo at the moment but really feel like I may have some form of it. I was on the pill for 16 years and have always suffered with painful periods, in fact my friends could always tell when I had my period as they could see it in my eyes. I came off the pill nearly 3 years ago to start a family and so far no luck. They are putting us down as unexplained infertility as they cannot find a reason for us not getting pregnant. My consultant says that even if I do have endo, I would still probably need to have ivf to have a baby so as I don't suffer all month with symptoms to put up with it and hope that having a baby makes it easier in the future. My symptoms are severe cramps which start a couple of days before I bleed properly. Also I have pain all down my back and in the stomach area down to the tops of my legs. Heavy periods with spotting up to five days before the real bleed. Take painkillers for 3-4 days every 4 hours, even in the night. Can't sleep on my stomach throughout and also feel like I have been run over my middle for a couple of days after, so bruised and tender. Walking can be an effort as everything hurts so much. Headaches and generally feeling unwell and also a horrible pain in my right shoulder/back (feels inside somewhere but can't seem to locate exactly where).

I dread my period each month so much and it really gets me down. I have had time off work and most months I cry it hurts so much. Sometimes I wonder if I just cannot cope with pain very well and every woman deals with this better than I do, but then when I am in the middle of a period I believe this is not right. It has got a lot worse since coming off the pill.

Can anyone offer any advice as to whether it sounds like I could have endo? Or been through a similar situation?

Thank you x

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Hi. Sorry to hear what a rubbish time you're having. I've been on prostap injections for last 7 months and they've really been helping. They treat endometriosis which my consultant said is best to do before doing any surgery. I saw a lot of different doctors before finding mine who is amazing and took me seriously. I would ask to be referred and maybe look into these prostap njections to try calm the condition then maybe try for a baby after? X


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