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Anyone seen the new ad for getting legal advice if you've used talcum powder and have ovarian cancer?

I have read about this before as a possibility of a cause for endometriosis. Not saying it's factual or not. But I find it ironic that they use talc in the ingredients in Visanne. This I mention specifically because it was advised to me by a gyno specialist recently. I'm not interesrted in being a lab rat, so don't think I will go that route. For those of you that don't know, this drug is still in it's trial period and has not been approved for use in the UK. I am in Canada and it is available to us here, but have never taken well to synthetic hormones personally so I would prefer not to use it.

I feel i am dealing with enough symptoms without adding to the list. Already get a lot of the symptoms that have been noted with this drug already. I'm more interested in not dealing with back pain, headaches, depression, cause I already have those. I don't have periods because I've had a hysterectomy, so no benefit there for me either. Already been diagnosed with osteopenia and not even menopausal yet so I also don't want to rob my bones further either.

I know surgery has risks and sometimes can cause more adhesion's and scarring and possibly damage to other organs. I am trying to alleviate symptoms by following the endo diet, starving off oestrogen. But I may have working ovaries for many more years yet. I am 50 years of age. Have had 4 surgeries the last the bikini cut hysterectomy. Always recuperated well and always had relief of pain especially after the Hyst, 11 years of relief or there abouts.

I don't want to have ovarian cancer down the road, I have read articles that suggest endo patients are in the higher risk category for OC. Nor do I want to leave things to become more complicated later. Maybe just a diagnostic lap to see if it is in fact endo, that the cause of my pain can be treated via synthetic hormones so I'm not subjecting myself to them unnecessarily. Or to see if perhaps I need surgical intervention for adhesion's. I have in the past had a tube adhered to an ovary that need to be excised.

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