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Lap in 2 weeks

Hi all, I find this page so reassuring im glad it exists. June I was told im finally being booked for a lap to diagnose whats going on today with 2 weeks notice. So here's my story. Im 30 since 14 I've had a time of it & placed on the pill to "control it" I used to get this huge lump pop out of my left side. The doctors use to tell me it was just a blocked tube and it will pass *heres some antibiotics* by 25 it got worse and the doctors would just send me back and forth. I lost alot of weight 46kg was my lowest, my whole left side was numb/shake like Freddie Cruger's hand had dived inside and was throwing some shapes. I had an ultrasound after having a heated debate at the hospital, I had "its just a local infection" *heres some antibiotics* 2 weeks later I passed out at work & went to hospital. Turns out I had a twisted cyst 4cm, not that large but so f-ing painful. I had an emergency operation to remove it, it took a while to recover and I was signed out of work for 3 months. I work as a welder/engineer in a workshop, seriously not the best place. I split my stitches after a week of returning to work and then made redundant the following year ( oh I also had a cyst on my eyelid straight after the op appear, to which the doctor said "your just a cysty person" pah. 2 years of relatively tolerant monthly (2 out 2 weeks painless) I went back on the pill and the nightmare came back with a vengeance, swollen from head to toe and a constant dull ache and bedridden . They tried me on 3 different evil pills, one left my boobs so swollen it was 90% veins. I've been off the pill for 2 years now but still swollen, heavy bleeding, blood colts, stabbing in the side & my lower back feeling like a 90 year old pole dancer, trying to bump n grind. Ive had a fair few ultrasounds, each time the person will say "you have endometriosis right?" After endless scaning & then going for the probe because they can not find my ovaries (the most cold fearful thing going in my eyes) "Ermmm not officially" *oh right, head down & finishes* I didn't think they could tell from just a ultrasound but they have said I have extreme scarring? im on mefenamic dooda & blood thinning tablet but still blood clots/lining & pain galore. I really hope this op is successful. Im worried how long im going to be signed out sick, due to my job after the op. Im scared that they will say nothing is wrong with me & your just being a drama queen, who can't handle pain. Im getting married in 2016 and my partner is so understanding about this and knows when to run a hot bath or bring out the water bottle, he really tries when im in discomfort. I would love to have a child but nothing has happened in the last 2 years. Whoa I've rambled on.

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Bloody hell, u have had a horrendous time sweety, it's utter shite the way it makes us feel. Bless you and Ur man sounds like a bloody gud un xxx


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