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Mini Pill?

Hi. I've got an appointment this Thursday with my gyno. I have Edno/Adno +chocolate cysts on both ovaries and in he last few months I can feel my tummy is sore around where my cysts are ? I suffer nausea in the mornings which is not pleasant. I have brown spotting for most of the month and when I'm on my period I feel like crap... Foggy head and really bad tiredness. I have Endo all over my colon. I was wondering if I should try the mini pill to slow things down. I can't have the marina coil as I have abnormal cell that I have to have treatment for soon. Any suggestions and advice on what I should be saying to my gyno. It would really help. Thanks. X

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Nexplanon arm implant will do much the same as mirena - only it doesn't last so long - up to 3 years instead of 5, but is good alternative low dose option when the mirena cannot be inserted.

You could try using the pill back to back packets to reduce the number of periods to 3 or 4 a year, but it is much better to try and stop them altogether and not have the faff of taking daily tablets.

If you are in the UK, have you got a surgery lined up with an endo centre to remove the existing endo and the cysts?

You can still stay on the mirena or nexplanon type period controllers while have endo surgery, or you may prefer to wait for the op on cervical cells and get the mirena installed during that procedure.

I woud highly recommend you do something to stop periods is changes you life in so many ways to be rid of at least one painful punishment per month. Makes the rest easier to handle.

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Thanks for reply. I was on the pill in my 20's and didn't gey on with it at all but I feel like it's gotta be better than feeling so rough. They haven't said anything about removing endo? They scan me every 3 months for my cysts , which have gotten bigger every scan ? I'm just concerned that I'm not getting the right advice ?


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