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Horrible post period bloating and pain

We'll it's the last day of my period and it has more or less finished but the pain and bloating (up as far as my ribs) is worse today than it was a couple of days ago. My tummy is so swollen and uncomfortable and am wondering if this is a symptom of my chocolate cyst or something completely different???? Must admit I'm panicking this evening and am feeling very weepy and sorry for myself as was hoping I would feel some kind of relief post period :(

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I just discovered this month that my bloating follows a pattern and so far every other month when I've ovulated from my left my bloating is worse! My bloating gets worse after my period and I believe that's because the ovary starts to swell to release the next egg right up until ovulation (google menstal cycle then look at images there's some good pictures) my left ovary is stuck to something so has no free movement!

But if you already have a cyst that could In turn cause pressure on other organs. X


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