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Endo and bleeding on decapytyl

2yrs ago I was diagnosed following a lap that I had endo only pelvic ligaments and pcos.

I was put on decapytyl injections 1monthly which they changed to 3montly 6months ago as I was getting pain a week before each jab.

My bleeding on this has slowly got more and more!

At first lasted 1or2 days to now currently on day 10...

I'm in so much pain my back is throbbing my insides feel wrenched and I'm hot!!! Very hot... But cold to the touch??

I'm fed up of this and can't see a way out anymore!

I have two amazing children after 9 losses and want a hysterectomy but they say I'm too young!!!

Has anyone had this breakthrough bleeding? I'm confused as I was feeling great on the treatment once moved to 3monthly but I'm currently in bed in bits as this pain is unbearable.....

2yrs of pain meds have left me with a bad stomach due to them eating at my lining causing irritation then this returned agony from my endo and pcos!!

Just don't know what to do any advice?

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