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Surgery today

Hi I am 30 years old and have been having pain for a year since my csection for my breech baby , my gp was very dismissive. Finally got fed up last month and demanded referral to arrowe park women's hospital. To which gp comment was they'll just put a coil in, we can do that. I ignored her and said still wanted a specialist to decide that. Two weeks later saw consultant who booked laporoscopy 10 days later! I had surgery about 8 hours ago. The consultant was shocked to find a grapefruit size endometrioma and stage 3/4 disease throughout out. They have removed as much as possible but there is still some deep bowel involvement. I chose to have them place a mirena whilst in theatre. I just wanted to post to tell people not to be fobbed off and to insist on referral. Also surgery is not as scary as you think. I am back home now, I won't lie it is quite painful but only as bad as the periods I was having every month. It's possible I may need more surgery but I dread to think how I'll I would have been if the cyst had burst. I'm really glad I went for it as the surgeon left the decision up to me. Anyway I just wanted to share x

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So pleased you got the answers you needed. Recovery will take some time, as will the mirena to kick in, but once you are op pain free and the mirena isworking,you maynot feel it necessary for bowel surgery right away. I'm in much the same boat, and have for the time being opted not to hve a surgery on the bowel just yet.

I do have problems but so long as I can still go to the loo even though painful and difficult to do at times, I am coping and the mirena is now working treat. Speedy recovery wishes to you.


Thanks, I'm hoping I can delay any further surgery for as long as possible. Really hoping the coil is ok for me. All contraceptives so far have been a nightmare. Thanks for your reply x


Congratulations!!!! And many thanks for sharing your story. You inspire me XO


I live 30 mins away but don't trust the coch hospital. Their ultrasound scan just 5 weeks ago showed nothing, hence my surgeon Mrs El-s was very surprised to find such a huge cyst. The staff at arrowe were all lovely and fantastic. I'm glad I insisted on being referred there. Must admit I'm a bit sore today but still don't regret it. I'm glad you had a good experience too.

Thankyou barnclown I just know those most likely to post online are those with negative stories so thought I would share a more positive one x


Isn't it sad that we have to push for everything! I had a gyne appointment today and she actually asked me if I'd like to have a lap done I'm thinking errrr your the consultant you tell me! Such a joke! Anyone got any ideas how long I'll be waiting?x


Hi, it's great to hear that you didn't allow the gp to fob you off. I'm off to see my gynecologist this morning again to see what she's going to do about mine. I had a laparotomy five months ago, the surgeon told me that he was going to remove my ovary and tube to make sure the cysts don't come back. But when I came to after the op, he told me that he only drained it. Which still leaves me in a lot of pain, it'll grow quite big and then burst itself. It's really painful when that happens, I just hope he'll do something this time to stop this pain coming back.


Just a quick update, i must admit i've been more tender and a lot more tired than i expected post op, but the incisions are healing well and today i seem to have turned a corner and i'm much more mobile.

Catlou, the surgeon who did the op is just a general gyne surgeon as it was just supposed to be a diagnostic scope. I will be treated by one of the two male endo docs for any future surgeries. I was a bit amazed and caught off guard by the short waiting times and had i known further in advance i probably would have sorted out childcare a little better.

I have phoned PALS at the hospital which did the scan and they are waiting on the post-op notes before getting the radiology consultant to phone me back. I guess it will be impossible to prove if they missed it, but it does seem odd it reached such a size in that time.

Anyway thus far, no regrets but my period is due tomorrow so i expect the pain from the rectal implants that weren't removed to return as i doubt the coil will have started working yet.


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