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Pain on voiding

Does anyone suffer from this, am confused as to whether it is another fun symptom of this disease or unrelated. Pretty much blame endo for most things these days!

Really is a terrible pain and puts me off going for a pee as the aching afterwards is always worse.

Over the daily dose of painkillers and really don't know how much more of this flippin' condition I can take without losing my rag!

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Not sure if this helps but I had pain after peeing for about a year ! I'd ache on my left side of my lower back before weeing and the pain would get extreme afterwards ! This was two years before I was diagnosed only last week so as yet not sure if its the same as you are suffering .As I didn't know what was wrong I thought it was my kidneys and paid to go private which they found nothing then .I know my experience was not pleasant but I hope you get to the bottom of it .x


Hi there,

I have Endo on my bladder and I am always in pain before, during and after I go to the toilet. Its very painful and extremely annoying but as in my case its the Endo. I got diagnosed with Endo on bladder, uterus , adhesions from the uterus to the bladder, Endo around both ovaries and in both fallopian tubes... the fun never ends :-( I did get my kidneys and bladder checked just in case but it really all comes from the Endo. All the best x


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