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First lap

Hi all!! Had my first lap on thur found endo in POD, 2 choc cysts on ovary which were removed and most things stuck together :( Anyhow ... Just had small spotting but this morning quite a few clots is this normal? And the feeling of stretching and pulling when standing and walking I'm assuming this is normal?? Hope ur all having a positive day. Amanda x

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Hi Amanda,

After my lap three weeks ago, I had a small bleed for two days and then a couple of days later I passed a few clots. All normal I'm told. I just think the clots were just the fact I was moving about more and my body was doing it's natural thing.

The stretching and pulling is normal, you've been cut open (even if it's only a small cut) your body is healing back together. Don't do too much just potter about at your open pace, enough to keep a dvt at bay. Wish you all the best with your recovery

Faye x


Yes it is normal. nothing to worry about there. It will take a few weeks of strange post op pains before you are free of them.


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