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Lap advice

Hi everyone

I am new to this site but just wanted some advice really from all you beautiful woman that have been there... I am feeling nervous...

I am going into hospital as a day patient for a lap an hsg looking for endo! Under general.

This investigation is due to my ongoing problems that have been going on since I was 18 now I am 28.

I have had various problems over the years painful periods an ovulation, digestion issues constipation, migraines ECt an over the years visited my gp for advice had scans all showing normal an a hsg last year also normal.

I have also suffered 7 early miscarriages all have been Unexplained an now Infertility.

My periods for the first two days an before are awful so painful an always more on my right side an the same during ovulation for several days to the point where I cannot go out an need painkillers.

All advice appreciated:) x

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The very best of luck for tomorrow. I had a lap 6years ago. Very similar symptoms, I've had two miscarriages but I have also been blessed with two beautiful children since. My biggest piece of advice is look after yourself as best you can after your lap. I had a lot of pain in my shoulder afterwards but it cleared pretty quickly, don't go back to work too quickly!! I did and regretted it. I should've had 3weeks off! Anyway...Also since my diagnosis I changed my diet radically, I read about a nutritionist- dianne Shepperson mills and had a telephone consultation. She was amazing, sympathetic, knowledgeable about endo and drew me a personalised plan of what to eat and what to avoid, when I was off the pill and trying to conceive I had to follow it religiously so I could minimize the pain, and I manged to conceive and carry to term. I was very lucky, for some, diet doesn't alway work but I am convinced it helped me. I also did acupuncture which may have helped too... Who knows! I still follow the diet to a point now, I'm on the mini pill and my endo is under control, I still take an anti inflammatory now and then, but life is much nicer now to say the least. Some ladies have also changed what skin products they use etc. There's a fair amount of info on the Web, I bought dianne's book on nutrition...you'll find your way. Again all the best for tomorrow, I hope you've got someone to come and look after you... Get netflix on the go or a good book :-) Laura


Thanks Laura, I feel much better already from your kind words an advice an Netflix sounds perfect:)

I'm nervous an excited to find answers!

I'm going to have a look for the book on Amazon sounds amazing.

I tried accupuncture for 6 months sadly it didn't help

But I am very interested in improving my diet as I do eat alot of rubbish which could be a contribution.

Thanks again an take care x


I am so so sorry I just re read your first message and I just realised that you mentioned infertility. I am so sorry to mention children I didn't mean to be insensitive. :-(


You don't have to be sorry I love hearing them stories

Makes me feel happy:)

I appreciate everyone's experiences an journeys an enjoy listening to them x


Firstly, good luck for your op! And hopefully they will find some answers for you!

I found out I had endo at 14, and I suffered from migraines, major period pain etc, so much I was unable to continue school life! We're all in the same boat, but there is ways to control it!

Mainly for your op, drink peppermint tea by the bucket load to help ease the pain in your shoulders from all the gas! It's generally the worst bit!!

Afterwards, relax and rest and don't rush the recovery!!

Iv had 4 laps now for lazer treatment because it was so server. I'm now 20 and it's slowly getting easier, although fertility is my next big worry, I'm still refusing to face up to it being an option, although from what iv been told, my chances aren't good.

Iv got the coil and take the Yasmin pill to help control the hormone levels in my body, I also stay clear of wheat as I find it makes me worse. And regularly take ibuprofen. It's the only way I find I can control my pain. But if you find out you have it, your find your own way as everyone is different!

Keep me updated on how you get on.



Thankyou for sharing your story:)

I will keep I posted on how I get on

Take care x


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