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Suspected Endometriosis help?

Hi Everyone, I will give a quick run through of what has been happening and it would be great if you could advice,

In January i had a pressure feeling that got so bad towards the night i ended up losing alot of blood and was taking to A & E, here they said I had a terrible water infection and that it may have travelling to my kidneys and gave me antibiotics.

Since January this similar pressure feeling, frequent weeing (hurts when i wee) Exhausted feeling and simply feeling very unwell (flu type symptoms) would return every month and I started to notice it was usually a week before or during my menstrual cycle.

Every month i would end up in A & E with terrible pain after visiting my g.p aswell and they kept putting me on antiobiotics and said its down to a water infection even though a water infection did not always show up when my urine was sent of for testing. Some times it did and alot of times it didnt.

Since Jan i have been on around 7 different antibiotics some for as long as two weeks which was very strong and made me feel very ill, causing lots of thrush which doesnt seem to want to clear up.

I also bleed in between periods, I have had all sexual health tests and they call came back clear to rule this out and i have had blood tests and a ultra sound scan which showed no signs of cysts apart from one which i have had on my kidney since i was 13. (I did have one on my ovary when i was 13 however this went on its own)

Since the age of 13 i aways suffered with heavy periods and simply my periods would make me feel really unwell.

I have been on and off the pill however recently i was off the pill for a good two years,

the doctor has referred me to urology and gny, they checked my womb etc and said it all looks healthy and to come back in 6 weeks time which i have my next appointment on the 16th Sep.

The problem is as what i explain to my doctor this pain is so bad that i have depression from it and its simply taking over my life, i have lost money from having time off sick at work and i have started a new job and already have had to call in sick. He said by taking the pill i shouldn't hve a period and shouldn't get any pain, however i started taking the pill its been just over a week and i have bleed still and the pain is still there ( as i was due on 5 days ago) once again i was in agony taking Tramadol for the pain and rolling around in agony.

I feel like it has taking 9 months just to even get an appointment at the hospital and I have to continue to handle this pain I have never felt pain like this and have had to cancel many events because i simply cant move.

They have tested my urine so many times and blood tests - bloods came back clear.

I have read all the symptoms of endometriosis and i really believe i have this. They Gny mention having a larascopy i think they called it to diagnose me, however i just dont know how much more of this pain i can handle i even explain to my doctor i feel i cant carry on any more and its effecting my life so much.

My fiancé has been a great support and we want children soon but my doctor said to go on the pill so were not sure what to do and i am worried that if i do have endometriosis that i may not be able to have children as i have read it can cause infertility, not sure how true this is?

my pain symptoms are the following,

pressure in my pelvis

dizzy/faint feeling

constant urinating

hurts to open bowels (i suffer with IBS aswell)



body aches

heavy periods

bleeding in between periods

flu feeling (cold and weak)

hot and cold flushes

mood swings


i just dont know how much longer i can continue with the stomach pain.

Does this sound like endometriosis?



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You poor thing! A lot of your symptoms sound like endo, it can affect your bladder, bowel, pretty much any organ. The op mentioned is a laparoscopy, the only way you can be sure to diagnose endo. In a lot of cases it can also be treated during this operation too.

Although endo can affect fertility a lot of women who suffer do go on to have babies. It depends on where it is found. There is so much that can be done so don’t be too concerned about this.

I always get thrush when given antibiotics, I don’t know if you’re willing to try this but after a recommendation I tried the following which seemed to work. Dip a tampon in natural live yoghurt which you then pop in. It’s a bit messy but if you can afford an hour to just lie down on a towel you may find it helps. Also lay off fruit and sugary foods when suffering as this makes thrush thrive.

Don’t despair, there are so many other women going through what you are and there are many lovely ladies to offer support and advice on here.

I would advise pushing for the lap as this will be the best way to find out what is going on and get the right treatment for you.

Best wishes xx



Thank you very much for replying,

I will defo try the yoghurt as I heard this helps.

Fingers x they will give me this operation sooner rather than later.

I will keep you updated.



Hi, they moved forward the laparoscopy, I am now recovering day 2. Very sore and weak and resting lots. I have been diagnosed with endo and my bowel was stuck to the pelvis (adhesions) which they managed to sort. Tubes look clear though which is good news. Just recovering now and waiting for a follow up appointment.x


Hi ur first post sums up a lot how I am.

I've got a 12 week wait for lap- I don't know how I am going to cope!!!

Same as u off work a lot which isn't me- I love my job.

I can't think with the pain it's always there.

I have terrible sacral pain and it looks a bit swollen- did u have this? Got all ur other symptoms too! It's really hard- emotionally too x


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