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Period/cycle after lap?

Hello I had a lap two weeks ago and just wondered if it interrupts or changes your cycle? I didn't think it did but wasn't sure. Had some bleeding after the op for a few days which wasn't too painful or that heavy ( my notion of normal periods is completely gone!) so could that have been it? I was due on Monday but nothing as yet.


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I don't think there's a definitive answer but I don't think that it does affect bleeding but everyone is different.


Yes it can mess with your cycle for up to 2 years or more - any surgery can - not just gynae surgery.

If you struggle to get back in to a monthly routine after say 6 months or so - giving your body a decent time to recover and settle back, then speak to your GP about going on the pill for a few months to see if that can help get you back in to a more regular cycle again.

Certainly expect some disruption for a few months- that would be normal. It is unusual not to have any change in monthly cycle of some sort, so don't panic.


Thank you for your replies. I'm TTC so having some idea of my cycle is important as soon as possible after the lap so just wondered! Will have to see what happens and when it decides to show itself!


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