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I'm confused... Please help!

So last year a old spot of endo was found and fell away... up to this point the pain I used to get were a week before and during my periods and sometime during intercourse. After the lap everything settled down until Feb.. 2 weeks before my periods and I had really bad back ache... that never stopped after my periods. Then in march I started with the left sided pain... It differs from day to day, some times its there and sometimes it really bad and other times and annoying niggle... pain is like a sharp burning pain that radiates everywhere. It's no starting on the right... Gp Says it's endo that has come back and I'm now on a massive roller coaster ride trying to get to grips with it... gynea appointment next week... hooked off for 3 weeks for depression etc...

My question is... my pain in the keft and sometimes right is almost a daily thing.... The back ache is daily depending on how much I'm on my feet... reading a lot of the posts people seems to suffer before the periods a d during the periods.... my pain subsides once I start bleeding... so I have those few days grace until it comes back. So.... is endo pains just during certain time of the month... or are their others that have is almost all the time?

Getting confused and worried it's not endo... Please help... xxx

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I have endo pains near all the time. I have had the pains for almost 7 years now. At first they were not so painful, and only near my period. Then I had 2 years that I was in constant, horrible pain. Went for a lap finally, and was told I was basically making it up about the pain. So I stopped moving and gained about 30 pounds. I finally got sick of not living. I started going for walks and doing things again and lost the weight. And because of trying to live a happy life again, these past 3 years I have had nearly daily pain again. Some days are so bad I have to call off work, and maybe 2 days later I am doing great. I had a second lap done in January and found I have Stage 3 endo with suspected adenomyosis. Even with birth control, I am still in daily pain. In all fairness, some days the pains are very low. But I still am in pain nearly every day. It is vastly unfair. I hope like crazy that I can do fun things with friends and family when we plan things. Whenever I make plans, I ALWAYS have to add in "If I feel up to it..." And I am devastated when I have to cancel my plans because I have to be curled up in bed waiting for my pain pills to hopefully kick in.


Hi. Same Thing. Always has terrible paín around period which then progressed to awful paín up to Two weeks before it. For Two years Now i Have had daily paín And nausea With flare ups where i cant love. The coil is Helping some what x


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