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Hormone injections zoladex. Not helping the pain!!!!

IVe been on the zoladex injections for 4 months now in the hope it would stop the pain so I can reduce on pain meds ready for ivf, unfortunately the injections haven't made any difference what so ever if anything my pain is getting worse and currently off work.

The hospital have washed there hands with me which I and gp think is disgusting so waiting on 2nd opinion from a different hospital, they say the recent cos injections haven't worked that pain isn't caused by endo even thou I had 2 ops in space of 6 months and they found it spread rapidly.

I know my own body and I know it's my endo causing pain, they even said back along after injections I would need op as it can cause it to progress and that next op will look at cutting out the endo rather then diathermy.

Please can anyone relate to the injections not working?? We are the professionals not the consultants, they learn from books where as we live the condition.

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Hi. Sorry to hear your having such a tough time , I had the injections and I never got full pain relief from them I did find that my pain levels were not so bad but the flare ups were awfull. I only managed 2 months on the injection because the side effect were for me horrific and if I'm honest I would still have stoped the injection even if I did get full pain relief as the side effects were just to much to cope with . I don't know why I didn't get full pain relief from the injection as I have to wait until November to see my consultant to find out what happens next. Sorry I couldn't be more help but I'm sure I have saw before on here other women saying that the injection didn't leave them pain free. Good luck X


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