UTI for 2 weeks

Any tips on making it a little more bearable till I get to the drs tomorrow. Was on Anti biotics which got rid of it for all of a day then it flared right back up again. When I spoke to the dr he thought that it was possibly just inflammation of my bladder caused by other things that are going on, which I don't really understand? Is that not what a UTI is? I have been taking paracetamol, putting heat on my stomach and drinking cystitis sachets ( taste awful!) The pain is in my back aswell now and I am starting to pee what looks like tea leaves and a little smelly ( sorry if it is tmi!) This has happened to me in the past but I am normally on my period, which I am not at the moment. I did have an MRI on Wed with them trying to find out what is going on, they still don't know if it is endo or something totally different. I just want rid of this burning at the moment. I am simply assuming it is a UTI as it a burning feeling when I pee but its definitely worse when my bladders empty, does anyone else get this just in general. Is it maybe right enough that this isn't a UTI ? I feel a little lost at the moment, hoping someone can shed some light on this. Kinda rambled a bit there... hope this finds you all healthy and happy xx

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  • U could try drinkin cranberry juice to flush you out but I would personally go to walk in centre and get antibiotics today. I have had water infection since march they said it coz endo is on my bladder I go in on Friday for op. Hope u get sorted soon

  • I don't know if there is one near me, only 8 in Scotland and there in the City s. Going to have to wait till tomorrow when the health center does a walk in :( Good luck on Friday with your op! :)

  • Hi, I have been suffering from UTI for 3 years. As soon as I have finished taking my antibiotics a day or two later the infection is back, then I'm back on antibiotics. I had lumps inside my bladder which they think it's Endo, (I haven't gotten the result yet) after they burned it all I was feeling great, like I had my life back. But a week later my infection came back and now I'm back on antibiotics. The tablets do work but as soon as the course is finished I'm in pain again. I hate the burning, stabbing pains it's awful.

    I've tried cranberry juice, cystitis sachets, I've changed my diet, but nothing works, no painkillers work on me.

  • UTI is always caused by a bacteria, so inflammation caused by something else wouldn't be a UTI, and antibiotics might not help for it. You could look into a product called Waterfall D-mannose, it works wonders for UTIs. Good luck!

  • Hi there, my wife used Citrus Soda and drank lots of water, she also avoided all starches and sugars until it cleared.. make sure the water is filtered, not just the standard tap water.

  • D-Mannose is very good

  • Thank you for the replys, I ended up with blood in my urine and an temperature last night so mam took be to a&e, they have said it is definatly a UTI and has gone to my kidneys and don't understand why I was told that by the Dr. I am now on antibiotics. and hopefully wont take too long to pick up back to normal.

    What is D-Mannose?

  • I don't know about short term relief but in the long term I take probiotics, the same thing as yakult but it's a tablet that has 4 million probiotics in it so it actually does good. It's called probio and you can buy it in holland and Barrett and boots. I used to have cystitis, thrush and uti up to my kidneys every week but I never get it now. A gynaecologist told me to and it's changed my life. At the very least it's going to keep all your bacteria on an even keel so you won't have as many issues even if your flare ups are caused by something else. I think it's just another endo burden. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Please use the search box on the green bar and type in biofilm to find out why UTIs keep returning after you finish one set of anti-biotics. You must keep returning to your GP to get through possibly several different kinds of antibiotics to get the one that will penetrate the biofilm layer and atually kill off the parent bacteria.

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