Anyone had a clean out of their womb...not sure what it's called but they remove the lining of your womb so pain is eased and periods are not heavy. It also means that if I get pregnant the baby won't survive in the womb. I've also been recommended the Mirena coil by my specialist to control my endometriosis which was at grade 4. Had endo and left Fallopian tube removed in Nov 2014.

Specialist gave my husband and I time to try for another baby. We have a daughter who is 13 soon. Now, because of this excruciating pain I feel I have no choice but to give up. Should I go for the treatment? I don't know how this is going to affect me mentally and emotionally knowing I can't have anymore children but I can't stand this pain which is affecting my day to day life.

Has anyone had the same experience? Do you recommend the clean up of the womb and Mirena coil? I'm not sure what to do. Please help.

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  • Hi there

    I think you're referring to an endometrial ablation. I had this procedure ten years ago in day surgery and got home the same day with one week off work. It completely stopped my bleeding and the pain at that time. I remained pain free for a good few years and bleeding never returned. I chose not to have children some years before this so was happy to have this done but I think you are right and you can't have children after it, it would be worth double checking this if you feel it's still going to be an issue. It worked well for me at that time. I'm 43 and now 3 weeks post op following laparoscopic removal of ovaries and tubes due to stage 4 endo and adenomyosis and feeling good and back to work. I hope things work out for you whatever you choose

    Julie x

  • Thank you Julie. That does help.

    Just wanted to know one specialist told me that my periods may get lighter... Have yours stopped completely? Is it permanent?

  • Hi I have also had an ablation I had it done 2 years ago from the day it was done I have not had any bleeding ,I had heavy periods and they were draining , I got it done at the same time as I had m y endo removed. Unfortunately the endo has returned so I need a hysterectomy but for me it has been great having it done,.

  • Thank you Mama1.

    Maybe that's why the specialist is telling me to have the Mirena coil as well. To control the endometriosis.

    I hope goes well for you...good luck XXX

  • Hi Starlet - yes my bleeding disappeared completely and never returned. They did suggest it might as I was only 33 at the time and the lining may have grown back but luckily for me it didn't :) xx

  • Thank you x

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