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In hospital

Am in hospital I have been for a week, am waiting for a small bowl follow through and am also waiting for another laparoscopy to remove adhesions and more endometriosis I had a laparoscopy last year can endo actually grow back that quick within 14 months? My pains so bad am on oramorph every two hours am getting fed up :( some woman in my bay is being a pain she keeps blasting music out loud and talking loud down the phone I don't need this right now :( am totally fed up and down I seem to spend most of my life in and out of A&E and wards I may aswell just live in hospital :( my stomach distention is doing my head in I just hope the operation to remove adhesions helps this for a few months!

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Big hug to you. Sorry to read you have ended up in hospital with your pain.

Re endo growing back, it depends how it was removed. Excision is the most successful method (as opposed to laser) but quite often it is not all removed as it can be microscopic. If endo was excised, it tends to be any traces of endo which may have been left behind that go on to cause future problems rather than the endo that was removed having established again. With laser it can be the same endo if the roots remained as laser only takes it off the surface and not always at the deeper level.

Hospitals are not great places to be but I wish you well re your upcoming op and hope it is going to be the help that you need.

Wishing you better x


Ditto above - but also don't be afraid to ask the noisy patient to pipe down, or ask the nurses to move you to a quieter location. You might not be the only patient irritated by the loud music and a nurse telling the anti-social patient to turn the volume down might be enough to solve that problem.

Very best of luck.


Sorry to hear you are in hospital, I have Endo on bowel and bladder, excision surgery is the only surgery worth having, lazer lasts a very short time, after years of pain I am waiting on excision surgery after finding one! don't be afraid to ask for this surgery and tell them you know it is the only surgery worth having! you need to be proactive with this disease


Thanks ladies I had endo excised last year but the general surgery consultant thinks some was left behind witch they couldn't see I have a belly fully of adhesions that's what he knows and well after posting this yesterday I throw up that afternoon and the 3 ladies tried arguing over why I was sick it was because of the pain, the nurses have told he 3 ladies to keep it down bit they keep doing it so I've just chucked my headphones in and listening to my own music and films! Am fed up I feel rough and sick and in pain :(


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