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Scar tissue and pregnancy

I have recently been diagnosed with scar tissue which is connecting my womb and ovaries to my pelvis (either caused by past undetected infection or endometriosis). I am being put on the waiting list to have a laparoscopy to have it removed, due to agonising pain during my period. However the doctor has told me that I could try for a baby without having the scar tissue removed. I would prefer to try sooner rather than later but am worried that getting pregnant before removing the scar tissue would cause more pain as the baby grew. Any advice?

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I cannot speak fro my own experience but reading a number of women on this forum who have had very painful unpleasant pregnancies due to adhesion issues and knowing how damn painful it is for me to hve a smear checkwhen the speculum opens up in the vgina stretching and tearing adhesions, I would certainly 100% recommend surgery BEFORE pregnancy to get those adhesions cut and hopefully allow you to enjoy your pregnancy.

It is much better to have an engine tune up and be in the best possible shape inside for a pregnancy when you have got problems with adhesions or endo. That's my own opinion, others may think differently.

Ultimately it will be your own decision.


I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant and if I could of had my scar tissue removed before we fell pregnant I would of 100% had it done because it's awful. But as they thought u would never conceive it was not offered to me. The pain I'm experiencing now is horrible and as the only pain killer they will allow me to have is paracetamol nothing is helping. Not even allowed my trusted hot water bottle anymore :(. I hope this helps and I hope you fall pregnant when you start to try xxx


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